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4 places for the best live music in CP

Posted On:06.07.2016
Posted by ltoadmin

Had a long week at work? Or did your finals just got over? Wooff! We get you and have you covered. Here we have compiled a list of top places to unwind and say goodbye to all the stress that has been bothering you, while humming to your favorite pieces of melodies, being played live. Here we go.

(1) Flyp@MTV:

Located in the outer circle in Connaught place, this place crossed all our expectations, right from the moment we stepped into it . With all the energy and charisma, music takes a whole new soul here. The place has perfect dim yellow lights with a vast stage, fully equipped with anything and everything that a good performance demands. The stage lightning, stage length, the music quality everything was just apt. The band named ‘Street Jammers’ was playing popular songs.

People just couldn’t resist sitting on their own seats and hence started dancing along with the tune. The café is vast and has an outer seating area as well. With amazing food and service, you just cannot give this place a miss. The staff too is pretty courteous and polite. This place also offers a live kitchen for deserts, sushi and salads which we think, is again something impressive.

For all those MTV fans, this place also takes care of pampering the shopaholic inside you .YES! They have a library of virtually augmented products. When it’s a cafe by MTV, you can never really doubt about the music and the artists who come here to put on a show. Our tip: Book your seats in advance, as it gets pretty crowded, specially during a live show. All in all, it was not just a mere visit to this place, it was an experience. We highly recommend the place as it offers the whole package. Meal for two will be around 1200-1800 (including alcohol) The crowd was mainly in the age bracket of 20-45, full of life and enthusiasm. We would give the place a strong 4.5 stars out of 5. All this and more awaits you at Flyp@MTV. Work. Chill. Play. The MTV Way!

(2) Town house Cafe

This place, again gets pretty crowded, so booking a seat in advance might help. With wooden classy ceiling and finely polished doors, this place has a British feel associated with it.The décor is definitely worthy of a praise as it blows you away. Onthe outer circle of Connaught place, with dim lights and high couches, this place again sets the bar high. The band ‘Sahil Sharma Syndicate’ performs there every Sunday and does a pretty good job at it. This band has performed all over India, including Goa, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chandigarh, to name a few places. The band is releasing new singles very soon featuring nawab. This café is again, huge with quick service and food which is completely a paradise for the taste buds and the eyes. The quality of food is above average. However, the stage is comparatively small for a full fledged band performance. The crowd comprises, mostly of the youth aged between 20- 35. With the price of around 1800- 2100 for two people, including alcohol, this place can be a little heavy on the pocket. We would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. On Sundays, do visit for a soulful live music experience.

(3)Warehouse cafe

Being one of the most popular café’s of connaught place , Warehouse Café, is completely class apart. It has a gigantic open terrace , with misty small shower fans, allowing people sit in the unbearable hot climate of the capital. Guitarist, Puneet Sharma sings bollywood tracks , and has an interactive session with the diners, creating an overall happening scene in the café. The band named ‘Zikrr’ has a live performance every Thursday and DJ VKEY & Meeta, known as the Sufi Duo, perform every Saturday. The lightning is pretty dim, making it difficult to even look at the menu!! Some items in the menu are good while some are above average. The café is a little too heavy on the pocket as the average cost for two people comes around to be 1800-2500. The crowd was pretty balanced having people of mainly all age groups. Foreign tourists are present in large number. The place deserves a score of 4 out of 5, mainly because of its fabulous interiors, happening crowd and unbeatable food.

(4)Unplugged Courtyard

Located in Cannaught place, again, this place completely has a different feel attached to it. With an elite five-star- like entrance and completely out of the box interiors, this place deserves a mention. Live music is scheduled for around twice a week. Spread across 2 floors, with mainly open area, visiting this place during the summer is a bit tricky. The service in this place is pretty slow &food isn’t even up to the mark. But the overall feel of the ambience generally overpowers, leaving people with a good mood. The place is again filled up by the youth, aging around 18 to 35. The overall experience is great, provided a good band is playing in the back. We will give an overall rating of 3.5 to the place.

Now, comes the time when we pick our favourite hangout place for live music, well, it’s hard for us. But, we are going try. In our opinion Flyp@mtv has an edge over all the others. Why? Visit the place and you will know. Well for starters, the place the most happening vibe in Cannaught place when it comes to live music. The place is definitely on top of our list and we assure you that it will give you the experience that you will never forget. The top notch setup of the place makes you feel like you’re in some musical festival. From the food to everything, this place is a complete package .

So, if live music is your thing .. this is the place to be Flyp@mtv hosts live shows on particular dates and timings, so make sure you are well aware of the same if you’re planning to pay a visit. Flyp@mtv is the next big new thing as MTV is planning to open up many outlets all around India. The café’s culinary style makes you relish the flavours of the world. Don’t believe us? Go and find out yourself.


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