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Abhishek Ahuja – LTO Artist Of Week

Abhishek Ahuja is a writer who sings and plays. Someone who holds the pen and doodles cartoons to get his keratin going, has two tracks titled BLAME and Troubled Case . One can trace his journey from country music to bands like Shinedown & Seether, is a budding Guitarist from Noida and comes across a perfect Music-Gentleman. He is our ARTIST OF THE WEEK . We trace his path, his idols, memories and more in this article. Read on!

#localturnon: What is the history to your taking up Music – how did it come into being, your journey?

Abhishek Ahuja: Well, it has always been a part of my being, ever since I was, maybe 10 years old (apparently that’s not always considering I’m 27 now). But yes, I got serious about it when I was in senior secondary. That’s where I started to feel that this meant something significant to me. It only grew when I got to college as I was not that outgoing so this happened to be my only outlet back in that time, and to this day it is. And it has only grown ever since. I have always had an inclination towards writing poems and then trying to turn them into songs that mean something to me. So, the journey has been comforting far as I can tell.

#Localturnon: So who are your favourites/icons/role models in the field of music?

Abhishek Ahuja:Well, I won’t specifically say that I have role models but yes, certainly, I have been inspired by the work of people working in different genres. I began my journey with some adult contemporary acts like Rob Thomas followed it up with some country music acts like Keith Urban, Luke Bryan. But ever since I got really serious about it, I have really felt the connect with Chris Cornell’s music, with bands like Shinedown, Seether, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. I believe I’m a writer who sings instead of just a singer. As a writer, I did learn quite a bit from Chris’ writing and then Rob and Shaun (Seether). All in all, this is how it is

#Localturnon: How do rejuvenate your creative insights / get the adrenalin going?

Abhishek Ahuja::I don’t think my answer would be appropriate for the younger audience but I’ll try to keep it clean. But honestly, I don’t work on it, per say. Sometimes you hold the pen and paper and all you do is crazy cartoon stuff that doesn’t even make sense and sometimes you just write something. I try to not take long gaps in writing. If things don’t seem to be too bright around me (inspiration-wise), I just start observing what could be made into art. That might seem crazy but that’s just how it is, you know.

#Localturnon:Does your Music carry a message / a theme or a story ..if so can you share more on it.

Abhishek Ahuja:I think the intent in my mind is to let my audience (people) know that there’s all kinds of people around you and some might find it difficult to come across a purpose in life. Such people stay confused and the message I’d like to spread with my music is that confused people (or people like me) do belong in a space with the others. So, in brief, nobody is alone, really, when everybody is.

#Localturnon:Of all the performances you’ve given, which is your favourite one and why?

Abhishek Ahuja: I don’t think my favorite one has happened yet. I do have some special ones which I hold close to my heart. The first one was on the 18th of February, 2011. It was my first ever performance in front of more than 4 people ( the crowd was around a hundred). I sang a song and it got good reviews so it felt fulfilling to me. The other was on the 21st of December last year. It was special because I felt independent at that time ‘cause I had quit my job. I was performing in front of people I knew and it was a performance at a place where I used to work.

#Localturnon:Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell?

Abhishek Ahuja:Well I’m hoping I had some but it’s not to be at the moment

#Localturnon:Of all the music you’ve created, which is your favourite one and why?

Abhishek Ahuja:Well it’s hard to pick any one. Lyrically, I wrote a song about the system around us, how things are governed / administered. I named it “Blame”. I like that piece. Musically, I wrote a song “Trouble Case” which is about a woman I fell for once and it just seems appropriate to be a part of the answer at this time.

#Localturnon:Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance / with you or the other artists / stage members?

Abhishek Ahuja:Well, I don’t know if it was funny but the people seemed to respond like it was. A friend of mine was performing and his guitar strap just fell off and he was stranded there, playing the guitar without the strap (standing). To make things better, he was singing too. I know it ain’t funny but what could I say.

#Localturnon:How has the musical journey been so far for you and what are you looking forward?

Abhishek Ahuja:My music journey has evolved through the course of time and it has been a great and a learning experience all throughout. It has taught me a lot about life, in general. You have got to be patient to see things happening for you. That is just the way the universe is supposed to answer you.

#Localturnon:Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who are thinking of getting into this line ?

Abhishek Ahuja:Advice, well, I can only say that developing a singer takes time but developing a musician takes longer so rushing compromises the artist that is yet to be born. Take your time, the world can wait for something substantial. If you want to stay for long, you prepare with that mindset and leave the rest to time

As we at Localturnon say “Turn On Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life!”