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ADBHUTAM (Kolkata) : Localturnon Band of Week

Posted On:03.06.2017

They are the hottest sensation to emerge on the India Music Scene and seem to be going strong with every string they strike…winning hearts, accolades and of course recognition. Firm believers of Original Compositions ,their genre of Indo-Fusion Instrumental, is intoxicating to say the least. You have to only hear them to be lost in their musical trance and that leaves you wanting ever more of their music. Three Amazing Individuals all A.D.B.H.U.T in their own amazing way ….but when they come together they become even more awesome…even more wonderful..n ever addictive… they become A.D.B.H.U.T.A.M !!

Localturnon is proud to present them as our BAND OF THE WEEK and we get close and personal with them to trace their history, their fav moments and their journey, message. Dont say we didnt warn you… you are gonna fall in love wid them!

#Localturnon: 1. What is the history of the band – how did it come into being, members, its journey (in brief) and what does the name of your band signify?

#ADBHUTAM: Adbhutam was founded by Somak Sinha, Indian Classical guitar player and composer from Kolkata in the year 2014.The aim of Adbhutam is to spread the ethnicity of Indian Music and Culture across the Globe through Instrumental Music. The first step of Adbhutam was to record the first song “Tandava” in December, 2014. The Fun fact is, nobody knew what to play in studio, no rehearsals or meetings happened before that. It was only a concept of Somak, to bring forth the musicians and play with their feelings. And it worked brilliantly! The track Tandava recorded with ease, with only one rehearsal.

Adbhutam (अद्भुतम्) is a Sanskrit word, it is an “expression” or “element” of music as described in Indian Classical music means Wonderful / extraordinary. The Logo of our band is best described as the triangle represents the three members and the wave in the triangle represents the juxtaposition of rhythm and life.

#Localturnon: 2. So who are your favourites/ Icons/ Role Models in the field of music?

#ADBHUTAM: n the field of our musical genre, we always try to get inspired by everyday life and experiences. Because we believe that every mood and shade of life has a colourful melody within it. And we also hear variety of music from Late Pandit Ravishankar to bands like Agnee, Parikrama. We are also fond of Western Musics and listen to it frequently.

#Localturnon: 3. How does the band rejuvenate its creative insights / get the adrenalin going?

#ADBHUTAM: We always try to improvise our music by blending various genres and shades with a twist or surprise in each of our tracks. We are working on our next album, the track named Brahma (The Creator) and Devil’s Foot which see a confluence of more exotic genres with electronic music. We hope you will like it !

#Localturnon: 4. Does your Music carry a message / a theme or a story? If so can you share more on it?

#ADBHUTAM: Every bit of our music and song carries a positive vibe with an Adbhutam touch. And we always compose our songs on themes and stories from every day. There is a track named “Taj Melody” in our debut instrumental-fusion album, “BEGINNING THE EPIC” which is dedicated to our beloved Taj Mahal and Eternal Love

#Localturnon: 5. Of all the songs you have created which is your favourite one and why?

#ADBHUTAM: Its a pretty tough question for us to answer as each of our production has been done with utmost dedication, love and passion. Its like putting our heart and soul into something that we all believed in and then living with it. Hmm…but to answer the question, let me say that, the most popular track I suppose would be “Feroza” till now. We feel that the track has a life & vibe in it. Every time we play the track it touches our heart and soul.

#Localturnon: 6.Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell??

#ADBHUTAM: The biggest compliments we have from our fans is they can identify our music from the first note. We are lucky and fortunate that we have been able to entertain our fans through our music and its always a pleasure to play for them.

#Localturnon: 7. Of all the performances the band has given, which is the favourite one and why?

#ADBHUTAM: The best performance, we recall is the ROCK SOUL FEST at MUMBAI, a competition among the top 50 bands from India. And Adbhutam was declared the winning band. And the members won the best guitarist, best bassist, best drummer award which was pretty awesome for a young band like ours.

#Localturnon: 8. Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance / with you or the other band members

#ADBHUTAM: There are many funny moments we have had on our tours. But it also reminds us of some very pleasant memories we have experienced and the most we enjoyed was this Guwahati tour by train. That train journey brought us all even more closer for we had the chance to share our inner feelings with each other and shared our memories.

#Localturnon:9. How has the musical journey been so far for the band and what are you looking forward to in the future?

#ADBHUTAM: Adbhutam is the leading instrumental band in India. And its only happened through the continuous support and love of our fans and followers. We are now looking forward to more successful gigs and international tours in the coming years. Yes, and you will continue to see us churning out some popular sounds ..hope our listeners will like it ! (smiles)

#Localturnon:10. Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who are thinking of getting into this line ?

#ADBHUTAM: One request to all the youngsters and young bands to not to compromise with their music and creativity to fetch some temporary fame. Always stick to your position and creativity !

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As we at Localturnon say “Turn On Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life!”