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Cafe-de-Art : A Musical Haven in Central Delhi

Posted On:06.28.2017

A Table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a Violin: what else does a man need to be happy? – Albert Einstein

If you ever walked the corridors along the Marina side of CP (Delhi) you are bound to come across a outlet in Block G with a coloured glass facade that has the most inviting look that you just can’t ignore. Well! let alone miss it , once you are at the place it kind of beckons you, pulls you in a warm welcoming way. And once you see the arty stuff on the walls under the lights, the folks munching on those yummy delights with that whiff of soft rock music teasing your ears you are already opening the doors ..umm.. your heart to CAFE-DE-ART

Albert Einstein would have probably been at some place like this when he wrote those famous lines. The colourful chairs, the vintage feel interiors, the glass windows with colourful artwork and the bamboo studded walls with unfinished edges and that “make-you-feel-goody-goody-music”. Those comfy chairs set in neat disciplined yet non-overbearing manner giving the folks their privacy. Hey! they even have a Chataai or Charpai (for those unfamilair with this – its a cot made of jute netting and wood) And then the music … Oh Boy… sheer bliss…sheer pleasure.

Situated in the outer circle of CP’s G Block, Café De Art remains one of the finest place to experience some amazing music with that freshly brewed coffee or some refreshing smoothies. Now, it’s very spacious and has opened its doors to all kind of people whether you are a musician, a corporate junky or a college student. If you enjoy a great company with your Friends the first time as much as the tenth, then Café De Art promises the place to be with soothing music & spacious ambience. If you want to hold meetings with clients that you wanna impress and give them a sense that you belong to this side of the artworld why not 🙂

One of the Partners- Shahzad Ali says that the café has a selected playlist of light English music, such as The Kodaline Band & John Lenon. To name a few of the songs such as All I Want Autopilot, Brand New Day, High Hopes, Honest & other numbers. Now one can argue whats so unique about this … all cafe have coffees and music… Oh Come on! If you know the difference between a head knocking lounge music that has that irritating thump thump and those artificial interiors that might be sparking clean n yet devoid of feeling you will know what we are talking about. Yes, and when we asked Shahzad when we could expect Live Music and Artists to play at his Venue we were informed that they are exploring this as well.

The place also has a dedicated exhibition wall, where artists can exhibit there artwork & people can buy the paintings/artwork directly. Café De Art also hosts events like birthday parties, Social Talks, Debates & other events. And before we miss it, the friendly , attentive staff with their ever helpful nature is a plus.

“Turn On Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life!”

With Inputs from Madhav Sharma


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