Posted On:03.17.2016

The love story of Bollywood and Holi songs goes way back to the 70’s. From Holi re Holi to Balam pichkari Bollywood Holi songs have always nailed it and truly depicted that no Indian festival especially Holi can commence and progress without the inclusion of music, dance, dhol and nagada. So embrace this festive season of Holi and dance amidst the fog created by the different colours of Gulaal to these famous dance numbers.

Balam Pichkari

No Holi party is complete one – without the crowd jumping to the rhythm of this song and two – without bhang thandai or vice-versa. You see, it is like a vicious circle (wink). So get on your feet and shed some kilos with some peppy dance moves.

Rang barse

How can we forget this legendary song dancing to the tunes of which our dad’s chased our mom’s during Holi. So are you ready for some latke, jhatke and thumkas? Cheers to the memorable music and energetic dancing of the song we grew up listening to.

Holi khele raghuveera

Okay, so does every famous Holi song feature Mr. Bachchan? Well, we are not sure whether Mr. Bachchan’s presence made it such a huge hit but nevertheless we are all set to dance to the beats of this energetic song this Holi. Let’s get up can hit the dance floor commencing our dance with a few of Mr. Bachchan’s legendary dance moves.

Aaj Na chhodenge

Let us leave this song for our naughty love birds to dance on and let them renew their bond with their significant other on this colourful occasion while we cool singles can show off our dance moves to the other songs on the list with the canvas of our body heavily painted with Gulaal of various colours.

Ang se Ang lagana

How can we forget the melodious tune of this song, huh? A few gujiyas, chips, drinks and we shall be all set for a scintillating, applaud-able dance performance.

Soni Soni

Remember those college days when music and dance was the life of every party be it Holi, Diwali or Dandiya nights. Let us relieve those days and bend, twist to the tempo of this song this Holi.

Chhan Ke Mohalla

This song is so full of fun and frolic that its music puts you in the festive mood instantly. Plus with this song on behalf of all the women we would like to deliver a message to all the men out there that think before you come running towards us with your fist full of colours for our equipped arsenal is all set and is ready to pound.

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Local Turn On wishes you and your loved ones a very joyous, melodious and rocking Holi. Turn on music and dance ..Turn on happiness… Turn on memories.