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Dance Wala Love

Posted On:04.29.2019
Posted by ltoadmin
Happy young romantic couple in love dancing outdoors during spring – dance wala love

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” said Martha Graham and if that be so then perhaps no unspoken language comes close to expressing the inner most feelings in ways that dance does. Love expressed through dance could be the purest form of messaging. This then ladies and gentelmen is Dance Wala Love !

In the 2018 movie series Love at First Dance, the main lead Hope is tasked with teaching Eric who is Manhattan’s eligible bachelor how to dance for his forthcoming wedding. As their lessons progress, feelings begin to develop between the student and the instructor. Shall We Dance or Dirty Dancing are the other two of many such movies that had their romance storyline based on the dance floors. Knock Knock Dance Wala Love here too ?

Banter a social app that organizes social meets, events for singles in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Chandigarh is a popular go to place for eligible working ladies. For one its safe and verified profiles ensure a comfort zone. Many of these banter ladies have been suggesting banter for long to organize Salsa nights so that they get to dance with eligible partners. When asked why dance when you can mingle over coffee meets or wine events or at picnics pat comes the reply Dance is the best way to gauge the chemistry between two people.

From Discovery and National Geographic Channels come proven, well known documentaries of how in the the animal kingdom dance is a ritual to attract potential mates. Be it the swan dance or the peacock-peahen dancing -what makes the cut is the one with the moves !

Storks dancing as a ritual to woo eligible partners – dance wala love !

Okay so its a given. Dance Wala Love comes from the dance so lets move the focus there. Now when its about Dance it requires partners. Partners who are required to face each other, be with each other, hold, move, collaborate and connect. You will come across many instructors who keep saying ” you need to move as one”. Call it laws of attraction at play or pure science or just hormonal factors from close proximity its all about comfort in each others presence that sets the ball moving. From looking at each other, to holding hands to those synchronized steps dance brings strangers together.

One can argue that when you spend time together, doing things as partners ,it provides a fertile ground for two people to know each other well. Fair enough as an argument but then how many of such activities in similiar time span can you count that requires attention to each other , focus, coordination, control, gauging and coping with moods, synchronization, motivating & believing in each other, working towards a common goal and most important of it all in an uncompetitive, natural or stress-free environment.

Scientifically speaking if its about catching the vibes then bodies and mind, heart and soul during dance sends out signals. Alos, its about respect and attitude that gets reflected in this kind of social ritual. There are likely to be people around, lights, music and distractions as well. In ways its also a test of how long can you keep doing the same thing over and over again. No spark or longetivity and it will fizzle out for sure.

There’s a “first dance” post some weddings or that “romantic close dance” that has love written all over them. But then if you give dance a chance who knows you could be dancing with the right partner all through life. And when it comes to Dance Wala Love the first move of putting your hands around a partner’s waist could be just that moment that starts a story of a lifetime !

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