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Tera Zikr Darshan Raval Rendezvous

He’s all of 23 years and is already an Icon in sense with a huge fan following, hit film songs behind him, touring across cities for shows, Darshan Raval is on a song here. With two of India’s biggest Music channels Sony Music and Airtel Wynk behind him, the future can mean only thing. Darshan Raval ke Zikr is just going to get bigger and bigger. Localturnon brings the highlights of the rendezvous with this amazingly cool and composed singer from Ahmedabad

He started out as all youngsters do. But Music differentiated him. With a Guitar slung over his back roaming the streets and cafes of his native Ahmedabad, Darshan Raval was like one of the millions out there wanting to do “good music”. “I used to listen to music. I learnt guitar from the internet and youtube” says Darshan with a smile. There was objection in the family as well.

“My father broke my guitar and I had to explain that its my choice. If it leads to failure it will be on my shoulders but I will give it a shot” he continues.

Its this conviction that has probably made him and his song cut into the chart toppers now. “I used to sing for my friends and my audience was restricted to close friends and relatives but then I never stopped singing. I believed in original compositions and right from the start it was “my songs” or covers of popular hindi songs in “my style” that got me noticed” says Darshan. His first noticeable achievement came when his cover of the popular song “Kabhi jo Badal barse” clocked over 100,000 views on youtube.

The next step that got Darshan on to the big stage was the India’s RAW Star challenge that promoted artists with original composition. By the time he entered the finals he was already an audience favourite. He may not have won this reality show but it did give him his stepping stone to success.

“I was really disappointed and not sure of what will happen after this. I kept hearing that no one will remember you once the competition is over and I was like fine, if thats the case then I will go back to Ahmedabad and do whatever I need to from there, if it doesn’t work out” says Darshan.

Little did he know how this was about to change. Darshan ended up calling Himesh Reshemiya, once the show was over and was called to the studios to do recording for multiple songs. He got to do the song for films like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and thats when he ran into Sony Music and Wynk.

“Tera Zikr” was born into a small room at his native place in Ahmedabad. “I realized that we needed a maturity for this song and while I was very clear that I will do the composition, I needed the lyrics to reflect this maturity and that’s where we got A.M.Turaez” says Darshan. It took over 7 months to get this Darshan Raval Hit off the studio and into production but it is what makes Darshan Stand out for now.

“Its a sad love song” he explains and its got a sad emotional touch to it as well. The first rule of love is getting hurt” he continues.

The rest as they is history. Sony Music got going and Airtel Wynk joined in.The Audio and Video blended beautifully to give the fans a delightful music watching that continues till date. So much so that Darshan Raval is currently on a “Tera Zikr” tour across the country.

An A.R Rahman fan, Darshan also considers Amit Trivedi, Himesh Reshamiya, Sachin Jiggar and Arijit Singh his icons in the current scenario. Open to collaboration with both National and International Artists he says he has so far been focusing on his solo songs but with time does see this happening. He is also very proud of the fact that he has the backing of Airtel Wynk. “For any upcoming artist the challenge is how to get your voice heard by millions as thats the first step to making your music reach out. This is where I think Airtel Wynk has done an amazing job” says Darshan.

As Darshan says “I can’t go anywhere now without girls tearing my clothes off” this Ahmedabad lad has come a long way in a short span of time. His talent and his chocolately good looks, a focused mind on making good music or rather original music, is what we at Localturnon feel, will make him go a long distance. Comparisons with Sonu Nigams, Arijit are on but he maintains that he has own texture. Well so do we. Champions stand out and he is one winner who’s definitely “wynk-ing” and smiling as he gets ready to play & re-play the Guitar to packed houses.

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