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Music Dhoop Kinare

Posted On:06.21.2019

If Dhoop Kinare was just about Dr. Zoya Ali Khan’s antics and her selfless love for Dr. Ahmer Ansari that couldn’t be expressed or the ups and downs of a silent love story picking up speed with the twists and turns of daily episodes in a hospital setting this wouldn’t have found its place here. Dhoop Kinare or “at the edge of the sunshine” is eternal for its unique blend of that “heart-touching” musical symphony that accompanies the powerful narrative, never overpowering yet never leaving it. It’s music lingers long after the story has ended and therein lies it appeal.

– Warrangal Singh

“Raat Yun Dil Main Teri”

The Early 80’s and beyond when the Indian Audiences were sitting Tele-glued to Popular sitcoms it was also a time when plays from across the border were the rage. Those VCR times when the cassettes used to be traded in open and the latest release commanded a premium. Dhoop Kinare was one such sought after series.

For those who are not familiar with Dhoop Kinare, this is a 17 episode , 50 minute each (more or less) story stitched in expressions, emotions, feelings that run on both sides. A Haseena Moin creation this PTV story revolves around Dr. Zoya Ali Khan an medical intern who has joined Dr. Ahmer Ansari’s children’s ward at a government hospital and their tryst with dealings of the present and the past. The colleagues and relatives play the supporting role. Never a dull or boring moment its a beautiful display of raw emotions and bared feelings.

Though officially there are three tracks associated with Dhoop Kinare viz. “Hansi Khanakti Hui” , “Raat Yun Dil Main Teri” and “Main Tum Se Na Puchun” there is also a reference to “Mein Nay Tumhari Gagar Sey Kabhi Pani Piya Tha”a traditional love ballad in one of the episodes and as always fits in with the schema to the T.

Hansi Khanakti Hui

“Hansi Khanakti Hui” is supposedly the title track for this serial and is immersed with that native “folky” kind of music that gets to you the moment you hear it. The rich textured voice of Nayyara Noor takes over where the music dims and then the lyrics take over in absolute and complete polite handover. If ever there was a perfect relay race of music, voice and lyrics working to win you over this would be one to bet on. The tune also serves as the background score at many places during the story when you need to balance the powerful screenplay with some nerve soothing elements

“Raat Yun Dil Main Teri” appears in its complete avtaar towards the later half of the episode. Its setting needs to be described. Dr. Zoya lends her hand out to our Dr. Ansari when they are in a village doing social work as part of the UN project. Its their first touch in the whole episode and unlike the hindi films with dancing around the trees this Dhoop Kinare song has both characters playing it by expressions. Deep, thoughful, it conveys in simple words about what each one is thinking and the whole co-relation to that “spring in the air feeling”, the recovery of a ill one delivers the message spot on.

“Main Tum Se Na Puchun”

“Main Tum Se Na Puchun” is specifically picturised on Zoya. Lost in thoughts, alone at home, she relfects upon the previous interactions with Dr. Ansari and the whole unspoken bond gets known to the viewers via this song. Its melodious, flowing and a little peppy given the scene. When you are actually watching the serial and the songs come up you get so worked up on them that you want it to run its full length . That’s magic of Nayyara Noor’s voice.

All in all the songs lend their unconditional support in making Dhoop Kinare remain a favourite with the audiences across the border. For a minute you may forget the Kodak Eastman style colours on the film or the 80’s dress and culture, forget the one liners and the comic timming, even if you forget the sequence of events its ok. The Music still stands strong and humming. Its a perfect juxtaposition of beautiful music with an equally charged storyline delivering you a block buster entertainment package. Dhoop Kinare in all its forms is “at the edge of the sunshine” when it comes to music

– Warrangal Singh

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