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Dil Se…Musically Yours !

Posted On:07.08.2016

Its over. The meetings done with and the reports submitted. The Quarter is over and out. The corporate team swaggers towards a row of tempting restro-bars looking to “hit it” and shake-off the drudgery of the day, the week and the quarter. They enter with their bags hangings by their sides, the mobiles glowing in their hands when it suddenly hits them. The smiles appear simultaneously as the soft instrumental beats kind of seduce them in and with the dim lighting it’s a welcome they want to embrace. The air smells wine… smells comfort…smells intoxicating already. The seats are taken for a long merry wine time into the night.

Its called Atmospherics. The effects intended to create a particular atmosphere or mood, especially in music. Everyone from Hotels to Airports, to Big Shopping Malls, Stores, Gyms, Saloons, Museums, offices, Airlines to Trains have been using this knowingly or unknowingly..

Lets get straight to the Music then – When you walk into a high end luxury store you are most likely to have soft / classical / jazz music. A vibrant clothing stores with funky fashion-wear will most likely be playing the EDMs, Metal kind of stuff. Big Retail chains sometimes have also experimented with “their own kind of music” more like the signature tune that plays in their advertising, IVRs and anywhere they want sound. They call it the Jingle to Mingle way !

At the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai, during several of the mornings we would see the Sitar player sitting in the centre of the lobby with this huge Wall motif in the background strumming the strings softly. Such is the power of Music that in one of the Singaporean Hotels when they had a white pristine piano lying idle it would still catch the eyes of the folks checking in. Silence can be music too!

At one of the popular stores at Ansal Plaza when they use to play the Popular Cliff Richard Songs (Lucky Lips, Bachelor Boy et all) the customers would often be heard saying I need to get that CD …shopping aside !

Studies have found that high end shoppers tend to spend more money and time, diners spend more time eating their meals when the background music was in a slow tempo as compared to a fast tempo. Never thought that music could make such an impact, eh? Neither did we. Not surprising that the Jet Airways cabin Music differs so much to those of the Air India ones 🙂

When our team recently visited the Select City Walk for a rendezvous with music in stores, we found that Forever 21, Zara, Aeropostale, H&M, Gap had a pop number playing on full blast. We reasoned that their audience is the youth base that relies on impulse purchases. No surprises that the Music is strategically set so as it uplifts the mood and energises them. Pop music is youth’s personal favourite and it makes them want to stay in the store for a little longer, which in turn makes them buy more. Fab India store in the same mall had a serene classical music playing.

Pieces of Instrumental music by Brian Silas or Kenny G are very popular and are an absolute delight for the ears when it comes to malls and public complexes. Select city walk will have someone playing the piano in its main lobby’s which again soothes the minds of the shoppers. They add to the classy vibe of the place, leaving people in their oh-so-happening mood.

Music has an incredibly powerful emotional effect on our minds and is capable of making us buy something we don’t even require in the first place! Crazy. Isn’t it! There are umpteen research papers on internet that have done studies on how music affects decision to purchase, decision to spend, etc. There are companies that offer solutions to get that sound just perfect so that the customers linger on, spend more and are hooked on. Now if someone could just do a research on why the young, rich, affluent Delhite in his swanky car still plays the music so loud 🙂

“..It seemed like there was a band playing…the lights were bright and the atmosphere was so..so …electric…. For a moment I forgot why I had walked into that store…”