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DJMOKSH – LTO Artist of Week

Posted On:04.18.2019

A 100% shiv bhakt who swears by Music. A music that comes by Attitude. Moksh or Salvation through music is a state of eternal bliss and DJMOKSH’s unique style of punjabi, bollywood, edm, retro-remix does have that effect.
The Music calling that started in Delhi-Chandigarh-Gurgaon-Mohali-Noida-Panchkula circuits is now spreading to other cities too as her fan following grows with each event
A livewire who can on own get the crowd to groove, move and leave them wanting for more is what DJ MOKSH stands for. In a world of DJ she stands out for her style and professionalism . Localturnon captures the successful eventful journey of this young talented DJ as she is our Artist of the Week !

Localturnon: Can you tell us your story so far ?

DJ Moksh: I come from the beautiful Kangra in Himachal and my childhood days were spent amongst the hills, the hill music. You can very well understand that there is something very touching about the folk songs, the tunes..its all very pure and true. Also my mother had a great influence on me and in many ways she can be credited to my inclination towards music. I had my student days and did my Commerce Graduation before coming to Chandigarh to the Scratch DJ and Music Academy where I took up my Djying course. Post that it was a resident DJ routine in Chandigarh till I decided to explore other cities and yes here I am (chuckles)

Localturnon: So what kind of Music does DJ Moksh stand for ?

DJ Moksh : I think if you are an artist especially a musician, you will love music. I think tunes, music, melody are all around and within. I resonnate more with EDM, Hip-Hop, Rock, Bolly-Punjabi Fusion style. You know there is a music that you feel and then there is a music that moves you (literally). You know its kind of music that makes you want to tap your fingers to, or maybe just get down on to the dance floor and shake a leg or two. Call it dance Music , or shake-a-leg music I am all for those happy peppy beats that make people groove to it. The beats and the rhythm is all about it. I think that’s my style (smiling)

Localturnon: So how has the scene been for you post your DJ course?

DJ Moksh : I started out as a resident DJ in clubs in Chandigarh but have been trying to cover other venues in and around Chandigarh. I have been lucky to have been at the NAARI 2019 Show in Noida this year. Amongst some of the venues that come immediately to mind is the Valentine Bash at the Walking Street in Chandigarh, The Lohri Celebrations at Cluubb44 in Noida, TGIF, Beach N Brew in Chandigarh, the TRP in Ludhiana. I think I have loved playing at all my venues so far and would love going back for sure. Yes, amongst the new ones on radar would love to make folks groove to my music in Gurgaon and Delhi for I feel that they understand and love the genre that I play. Punjabi akhir punjabi hoten hain na . Its in our DNA to enjoy, feel happy and it comes out in our music & dance style as well.(smiling)

Localturnon: We got to know that DJ Moksh was also part of MTV Roadies. Really ?

DJ Moksh : Areey that was long time back ! I had auditioned for the MTV Roadies contest and had the chance to perform in front of the judges. Well it was a different experience altogether but yes, I made many friends during the auditions and I still am in touch with them. I think it also had to do with a wild carefree side to me that sees me as a biker a dancer and someone who likes adventures.

Localturnon: What does MOKSH stand for in DJ MOKSH? Does it have any story to it?

DJ Moksh : Okay Let me explain. I am a complete Shiv Bhakt. Now it is said that Shivji was class apart when it came to dance and music. Its the ultimate form of art style born through devotion. And then there is the state of total bliss or “moksh”. I just feel that when you true to yourself , your music, your work it leads to that state of eternal bliss. I just put these two together and thus was born DJ Moksh. I believe that if my music can make people groove and feel happy and take them to a state of trance or bliss I would have done my work.

Localturnon: What is DJ Moksh now looking forward to ? What next in your story ?

DJ Moksh : I think I have just started. There is so so much to learn and practice and play and then play even more. I think the road ahead for me is to get into as many venues I can where I continue to provide good music true to my genre and am sure as I carry on the best in me will come out. Yes, mixes, remixes, my own music is also something that I want to do on the sides but it can be done in parallel.

Localturnon: What has been your learning so far that you wish to share with other budding musicians ?

DJ MOKSH : I always maintain that its your hard work coupled with luck that works. I also feel friends and your well wishers are very important to keep edging you on and are a support system to keep you going. Yes, being professional sends out a positive message to your clients and partners and instills confidence. And in the end its all about your own passion and committment towards your art your beliefs that show you the way !

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