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Flute Music for Energy & Positivity !

Posted On:11.13.2016
Posted by ltoadmin

Flute Music for Energy & Positivity !

Can Music be form of Energy? An Energy which brings Positivity in our lives. It is said that Music can tingle the nerves and the cells in our bodies to create a effect that leads to healthy, happy and content lives. No wonder we hear most folks wanting to be with their music when they are down and out. See how some kids want to have the music on when they are studying. In their words it helps them concentrate or when they are exhausted it helps rejuvenate. We certainly believe that Music gives energy, rather Music is a form of energy that heals, Music helps.

Localturnon shares a glimpse of beautiful Flute Play by renowned Flutist Pandit Pashupati Nath Arya Ji captured in this video ” Morning Walks with Music ” !!

PS: You can catch Pandit Pashupati Nath Arya live in action at the Taj Maan Singh Hotel every weekday between 8 to 10 am. His music is sure to pull you in …refreshing, soothing… and makes for a great start to any day !

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‪Turn on Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life !