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For the love of dance : Two noteworthy women who defied all odds to pursue their passion

Posted On:04.14.2016

Sometimes in life we come across people whose story, struggles and challenges look like our very own. It appears as if our life stories have been written by the same pen and by the same author. We find a reflection of ourselves in them, it doesn’t matter if we come from different cultural backgrounds or even if we come from distant places, our horizons somehow seem to meet.

Such is the story of two women, with the same passion and the very same goal, the passion for dancing. Both of these women had been in major road accidents and just due to sheer medical negligence lost one of their legs. Both of them due to the heavy jolt that life threw on them were heavily depressed and could see no light in their future but they defied all odds, overcame the struggle and with all their hard work, dedication and mostly importantly for the love of their passion for dance are today role models to all the aspiring dancers.

This is the story of the actress and renowned dancerknown for her role as Ramola Sikand in the daily soap, Kahi Kissi Roz which aired more than a decade ago. Yes, she is the beautiful Sudha Chandran.And this is also the story of the young and lively Shubhpreet Kaur who became a household name after she auditioned for India’s Got Talent, Season 5 and qualified as the second runner-up of the season.

Nothing can withhold these women from their passion and jest for life, as they embrace whatever life has to offer with open arms. And their stories are an inspiration to all the aspiring dancers out there loudly speaking out the message that no matter what the odds are, live your passion, take it in with each breath you intake, make it a part of you, let it flow into your blood and reach the very ends of your body. Work, work and work till you reach where you aspire to be and if in between life gives you lemons then turn it into refreshing lemonade. (Wink)