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The holy matrimony of music and food in restaurants

Posted On:05.27.2016

Act 1 Scene 1
[A restaurant with cosy ambience and dim lights. A couple enters and settles down. A live band is all set to perform. The waiter enters]

Waiter: May I noteth down thy ‘rd’r prithee? (May I note down your order please?)
Man: Aye prithee, did fry chicken with a side of fries (Yes please, Fried chicken with a side of fries.)
Woman: And i’ll has’t Arrabiata penne with a side of some jazz music prithee (And I’ll have Arrabiata Penne with a side of some Jazz music please)

Bear with us our dear readers for we are a little hung-over on Shakespeare today. Coming to our topic of discussion – live music + mouth-watering food, aha! Sounds like your weekend goals, doesn’t it? It is a fact that all of us hunt for reasons to take a break from our daily routine and go to some restaurant to enjoy some good food and blissful music. Due to this rising trend among the urban youth there has been an increase in the number of places that offer different genres of live music and multiple cuisines to set your mood right. (And we are pretty sure that our music savvy foodie readers might have explored all the hot-spots in their respective cities)

Would you readers like to recall the amazing feeling you get when you are at your fave restaurant enjoying your fave meal and of course your fave music? Wait! Let us setup the scene for you. (We are in a Shakespeare-ian mood today, remember? Let’s begin). The yellow lights strike the floor of the restaurant making everything look monochromatic. The love of your life is sitting beside you. You are drinking freshly brewed beer and since you decided to go with Middle Eastern cuisine hence you are enjoying falafel with humus. The live band is playing Sufi music, yes, your kind of music. You are singing along with the lead singer of the band. You are swaying along with the music and when the singer starts singing your to-die-for song, “Ye jo halka halka suroor hai”, oh! Yes! then you’re totally into the music and the food, enjoying both of them with the same love and intensity. There is no case of more or less here; it is like the two balanced sides of a scale. Yes, this is exactly what the magic of music weds food in restaurants, does to you. And it can’t get any lovelier. (Don’t know about you guys but this picture certainly makes us want to hit our preferred joint tonight.)

Besides the fun and frolic environment that restaurants with live music and good food create they serve other useful purposes too. Namely –

 They provide a platform to young artists to portray their musical skills.
 Give us a platform to socialize with meals and melodies as the pleasant accompaniments.
 They contribute to the ever growing industry of food and music.
 As they are in trend they are a profitable business model for restaurateurs.

So guys and girls do not miss out on the celebration of the holy matrimony of music and food in your beloved restaurant tonight. And while you are there burping on the tunes of music remember what Shakespeare once said, “If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it.” (Oh! God, we really need to get rid of this Shakespeare syndrome now, it’s getting too much. Probably the “Baba Rumdev” cocktail of Banta bar (Delhi) will cure this hangover. So now you know where you can find your local turn on. Cheers!)