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Khanak Joshi’s Mere Rashke Qamar

Posted On:03.23.2017

Khanak Joshi pays tribute with Mere Rashke Qamar

Khanak Joshi Sings ” Mere Rashke Qamar” Nusrat ji’s best song ever… on occasion of Ek Sufiyaana Shaam Programme Organised by Kathputliyaan theatre group, Bangalore…..30-12-2016. Localturnon joins her in celebrating the Sufiayana style of Music through this awesome performance. Considering that Khanak Joshi is not even 11 and yet her command throughout the performance makes us say that we will trace her journey in music !

For those who are not familiar with Khanak Joshi and her music we suggest before you actually google her. She is a child artist prodigy from Bangalore and has been playing classical / SUFI music / vocal since her early days. She has given umpteem performances in prestigious shows across India, has been performing in All In Radio, Doordarshan and has been awarded the Mumtaz Shereen for her contribution to Urdu through her sufiayaana style.

Her father Shri Rajesh Joshi ji is her inspiration and is himself well known in the art / cultural circles.

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