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Knight Shades – Band of the week

Posted On:06.22.2016

What is the history of the band – how did it come into being, members, its journey (in brief) and what does the name of your band signify?

It’s 2008, Vipluv and Sagar are in 8th standard and both of them have just discovered the concept of rock bands. They both love singing and they know they want to form a band and play on stage some day. They enroll for western music in school and sing songs for their music teacher, who’s impressed and encourages them to keep going.

That’s how it all started. Sagar switched from singing to playing drums, Vipluv picked up the guitar and kept singing as well and they acquired Tikesh as the lead guitarist because, well, he was the only one with a guitar back then. After 2 or 3 bassists being changed during the initial years in school, Knight Shades settled with Shubham Khanduri in the year 2012, and have been playing with the guy ever since.
The band is not just a bunch of guys playing music, they are 4 people who are childhood friends who’ve seen the ups and downs of life together and have been their through every important part of each other’s lives.
How do rejuvenate your creative insights / get the adrenaline going?

Just the thought of being on stage together & playing what we love is what keeps us going. The stage is all the adrenaline we need.

Of all the songs you’ve created, which is your favorite one and why ?

Out favourite one is called NO and that’s because it’s the most energetic one out of all our songs. It cariies a small message which is to learn to say no to things you don’t want to do and also, it is a crowd favourite. People go ape shit when we play NO and crowd participation is amazing.

Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance / with you or the other band members ?

Our bassist goes crazy on stage and he runs ALL OVER THEW PLACE. He keeps jumping and knocking things over. At one of our shows, he was doing his thing, running all over the place when his bass cable unplugged and flew out. He had to replug it in the middle of the performance. During the same performance, he came jumping towards the drummer and knocked over the Ride and crash cymbal along with the stand on the drum set. Crazy times!

So who are your favorites/ Icons/ Role Models in the field of music?

The band members have different musical influences. Tikesh and Vipluv are mainly influenced by Classic Rock and Rhythm and Blues artists such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Led Zepplin, Roy Orbison etc. Shubham has mixed influences including funk, alt rock and metal whereas Sagar is a metalhead who also listens to all types of Rock, blues and jazz, Electronic music etc.

Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell?

In March 2016, we went to YMCA College to play a competition. The audience were divided in two sections; girls and boys, and the teachers were sitting right in the front. Everybody was required to be seated. But as soon as we came on stage, there was a group of people who knew us and had head our music. The ran and stood in front of the teachers, near the stage and the rest of the crowd stood up on the chairs. The crowd went crazy and it was one of the best shows we’ve played.

Do your songs carry a message / a theme or a story ..if so can you share more on it?

We make sure not to get too serious when it comes to making songs. We make our songs as fun, energetic, light hearted and rock and rollish as possible.

How has the musical journey been so far for you / your band and what are you looking forward to ?
The musical journey has been really great. We have been able to do what we love and have had a very good last 2 years. We hope to grow and make a better name for ourselves over the next year or two and hopefully play big festivals in India and abroad.
Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who want to form their own bands or are thinking of getting into this line ?

The only thing to do is keep practicing and doing what you love. Shed all the negativity and don’t listen to pessimists. Keep the optimists close by, appreciate EVERY other musician and stay humble, even when you reach heights you never imagined. Hard work always pays off.

“Just the thought of being on stage together and playing what we love is what keeps us going. The stage is all the adrenaline we need”