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Kshitij Mathur Raag Gaud Sarang

Localturnon shares Kshitij Mathur (HINDUSTANI CLASSICAL VOCALIST) in a (Raag) #GAUD #SARANG mode.. The build up in the tempo is noticeable as the music flows through the video and Kshitij Mathur’s melodious voice moves through a range of expressions from a slow.. serious… slightly heavy to the fast paced ..vibrant..peppy n in some ways playful pitch…A must watch for the sheer peace that this brings!

About Kshitij Mathur

KSHITIJ MATHUR is a Hindustani Classical Vocalist from the Ghandharva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi. He has given numerous performances and his Music Avtaars have seen him in the role of Region Head & President (NOIDA) of the Sangam Kala Group, Founder Director of the Saadhyan (College of Music & Dance, Mumbai), Advisor to Savitri Kala Foundation amongst others. And as Kshitij Mathur explains, “Our Music, Our culture is so vast and rich that it is indeed our fortune that we are engulfed in it. Our Gurus have shown us the path and continue to do so. They are passing this message down to the younger generation. If you have a good voice you are lucky. Yes, if you have a good sense of rhythm and swar its even better. Having a Guru who can mould you, guide you is a blessing. On top of it if one gets to be associated with an Institution then it completes the whole process. These elements are what I believe deliver the message through us. In that sense I am blessed and lucky to have been under the tutelage of Pandit Madhup Mudgal Ji. I believe that we have been taught through our Guru about purity of this music, of being humble and true to our art and this is the message that should reflect in our performances or our communication”.

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