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Localturnon Presents “BETABIYAAN” by Prithvi The Band (Pune)

Posted On:09.04.2016
Posted by ltoadmin ,

Localturnon proudly present BETABIYAAN – Prithvi The Band’s 1st composition which is about about Love Vibes. Its about how ‘Someone Very Special’ U Love from UR Heart & Soul means the ‘World’ to you! So when UR heart yearns for UR loved one you can always relate to Betabiyaan.

Play – Love – Replay- Relove this Prithvi Band song this season ….Because LOVE can NEVER go out of Fashion 🙂

About Prithvi The Band: This is a Hindi alternative/experimental/sufi Rock Band from Pune. You can also book PRITHVI the Band for your events and performances at https://blog.localturnon.com/bookings

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