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Localturnon presents “MAATI” By Ved (Hindi Rock Band)

Posted On:08.29.2016
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‎Localturnon is proud to present MAATI – VED ‘s (Delhi Band) humble dedication to the nation. And in VED’s own words “The Song is about the story of our country and the emotions we live for. MAATI holds the true essence of patriotism. A perfect blend of traditional folk music and modern rock fusion.”

The lyrics, the tone and the images blend to do justice to the title and the song comes out beautiful and moving. In true sense this is the signature that identifies VED – the Hindi Rock Band from Delhi.

About VED (The Band) : Ved is a Hindi Rock Band from Delhi. They are a group of enthusiastic youngsters…….with mere sand beneath our feet…..with ambitions beyond limits….We create and play music which can influence human heart and soul. You can also book VED the Band for your events and performances at https://blog.localturnon.com/bookings

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