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Medlon is Localturnon Band of Week

Posted On:01.24.2019

Folks have started waiting at venues long before they are due to play. They get the mood going with their style and chutzpah and its difficult not like them. They have made their mark on the Delhi NCR Circuit and are now reaching newer venues for the simple reason viz their style of Music; MEDLON.

Below are the extracts of the Localturnon rendezvous with this young vibrant Bollywood,Sufi, Punjabi rock Band from Delhi- MEDLON!

#localturnon: What is the history to your taking up Music – how did it come into being, your journey?

MEDLON: This Delhi band was formed during the jamming sessions between Simranjeet, Jitender and Sarthak. Sarthak named the band as medlon. The Journey has been a rollercoaster ride with more of ups actually. It went through a lot of changes in terms of members however now the band has become a regular band emerging from a trio setup to four permanent members Simranjeet(vocalist) Bharat (guitarist) Sarthak(percussionist) Ajay (bassist). The name signifies melodies and medleys and we are known in the audience for the same.

#Localturnon: So who are your favourites/icons/role models in the field of music?

MEDLON: The band is mainly influenced by rock music. From the legends like the Doors to Led Zepllin, AC DC, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Nirvana, Guns n Roses and many more; the list goes on.

#Localturnon: How do you get your creative insights / get the adrenalin going?

MEDLON: We like to think of Music as our goal and vision which we all see individually and then bring it together with an combined effort. This allows for individual creativity to flourish while achieving a bigger and greater potential from each into the group when we come together and thats what constitutes our unique style.

#Localturnon: Does your Music carry a message / a theme or a story ..if so can you share more on it.

MEDLON:  As artists we all like to create something new from time to time and thats what finds its way into our style, our song selection.

#Localturnon:Of all the performances you’ve given, which is your favourite one and why?

MEDLON:  The 31st Dec gig (this new year eve) was something crazy. You should have seen the energy level of the crowd. They were so engaged with us as that for the first time an instrumental solo was played and they loved it so much. Am sure even if we have many more memorable performances in the coming time that was one night that wont go away so soon.

Localturnon:Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell?

MEDLON: Yeah there is one when a female fan was following our vocalist on facebook and she asked about our play schedule from him. We all thought that it was quite normal as mostly people ask and we really dont know if they will show up and even if they do who are these in the crowds at the venues. However, we were all amazed as this female fan had not only arrived at our next venue before us but before we could start she handed over a bouquet of flowers to us.

#Localturnon:Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance / with you or the other artists / stage members?

MEDLON: There are many episodes that come to mind but there is one which we all remember. The band was performing and Sarthak on Octapad was enjoying his groove so much that he dropped his octapad off the stand. The crowd started laughing and so did we.(smiling)

#Localturnon:How has the musical journey been so far for you and what are you looking forward?

MEDLON: It has been good, within a year’s time, the band has emerged from being an underdog to band that has some presence with good amount of shows behind it. We have been able to put out good amount of content via showreels, original compositions and are working on another one. Medlon is looking forward to doing more and more production to make our presence stronger and more visible in the market.

#Localturnon:Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who are thinking of getting into this line ?

MEDLON: No, not right now as we as a band are still in our learning phase.

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