Posted On:03.29.2016

Music is an escape and a connection to the divine. So let us today relate it to your stars and find out which instrument adds the Oomph factor to your personality.

The Aries Guitarist

Ah! The Aries! The ones who like to be in-charge. Intense, passionate, powerful and magnetic. Imagine the storm you would cause with a guitar in hand. And not to forget, girls always like a guy who can play a guitar.

The Taurean Drummer

Oh, the drums! Always have been and will be the best part of the music, they just set your mood so high, don’t they? Oomph, crack, splash! So original and inventive just like the friendly Taurean in you. So what are you waiting for? Come-on! Get hold of some drum-sticks and jazz it up a little.

The Geminian Pianist

The piano keys are black and white but the music which comes out of it is a soul wrenching amalgamation of different colors. A heart throbbing divine rhythm for the compassionate, kind, selfless and sensitive Gemini in you, indeed, a perfect combination

The Cancerian Flutist

This instrument is an ideal suitor to our intellectual and philosophical Cancerians. For your breath puts life into this organ and with the entire world as your audience, the show certainly must go on!

The Leo Trumpeter

Oh! The placid and security loving Leos, what do we have in store for you? Ah! The Trumpet! As persistent as you are! So get, set and rock for this is the year for Leo’s (pun intended)

The Virgo Violinist

Each time a violin is played a story is narrated with each note and what better storytellers than the romantic and charming Virgos. So you better get your groove on because like every other form of art this one too requires practice.

The Libran Harpist

Just like the emotional and loving Libran in you who finds refuge in love let us fine tune the harp for you to find the refuge of your love in the seraphic sounds of music.

The Scorpion Saxophonist

So jazzy and so ‘saxy’ (wink) just like our ambitious, vibrant and prudent Scorpions. So to all the Scorpio’s out there let your sparkling personality overflow because as they say, you don’t play the saxophone, it plays you.

The Sagittarian Bagpiper

You know what a perfect setup would be? A slightly windy evening, some wine and the melodious tunes of the bagpiper played by the warm-hearted Sagittarian in you. So get ready to have a crowd of followers with that magical bagpiper by your side.

The Capricorn Bassist

For the Capricorns, who love being out of the league we have the Bass. When everybody you meet wants to play the guitar, carve out your own way being a bad-ass Bass player.

The Aquarian Keyboardist

Technology changes with time but the music always stays eternal. For the adaptable and versatile Aquarian’s we have the jazzed up electronic keyboard. Time for some musical therapy (wink)

The Piscean Sitarist

No one would disagree that there is class in classic, be it classic literature, classic films or for that matter classic Indian music played on the Sitar, a perfect beau to the meticulously classic Pisceans.