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More than just your song & dance centres!

Posted On:05.20.2016

Shveta’s dilemma was that she wanted her daughter Jhanvi to pick a hobby and the first thing that came to her mind was dance. Jhanvi had shown an inclination and it would do her good in school competitions. She had seen her neighbor’s son Karthik who was in the same class as Jhanvi become so confident since he had started learning singing. He was also a regular in the society / RWA functions enough though he was still learning. And she had heard class teachers comment about the all-round development that was needed for growing kids.

Shveta’s case is echoed by millions of parents across India. How do you ensure a all round development for your kids. Studies will always continue till college and beyond. Its that extra curricular activity that one needs. In all probability it ends up being either sports or music or dance. It is to some extent aided by the fact that a kid will have an edge in school / college if he or she picks up something along studies.

It is a proven fact that having a hobby has its merits. it is constructive to a child’s development, aids in mental and physical ability, helps the kid open up and gain confidence. And no one does this better than the Music Dance Centres. These learning centres or classes provide students with a platform where they can meet others with similar likes and interests. They enable students to get proper feedback on their performance and also help in boosting-up their confidence. Many a times Music centers are also quite instrumental in organizing events for its students to perform, thus giving them an exposure to face audiences and on stage.  Also, meeting and gelling up with people with the same purpose in life helps students learn the very best from one another.

Let us focus on few more points on how music & dance centers are enhancing the development of children.

Development of Motor Skills

These centers helps in significantly improving the motor skills among kids as they learn to play different instruments / perform dance steps. This enhances the students understanding of coordination and rhythm as they are able to recognize the sequence of songs, respond to different patterns of rhythm/steps and distinguish between melodies/ moves. As children learn to dance to specific tunes, their self confidence is improved besides which their co-ordination, motor skills and flexibility becomes better.

There was never any doubt when it came to my daughter learning singing. It had to be a Music Center as it was a very good place from a infrastructure point of view, the teachers were qualified and more importantly the mingling and interaction with other children her age would have provided Rabbani with social confidence. Driving a short distance was not a problem and in fact it was a good get-away from home even if it was for 15-20 minutes” says Geetika Ahluwalia , a mother of a 6 year old Rabbani based in Ambala Cantt.

Development of Language

Music & Dance centers help the children to communicate their moods, ideas and concepts. This proves extremely beneficial for kids facing language development problems. Hearing to the different sounds and rhythms helps the children with their speech, movements, expressions and improves their enunciation, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency. Generally children involved with various music related activities tend to have a better vocabulary.

Development of Cognitive Skills

These centers enhance the academic learning capabilities of children in a significant manner. This not only helps in improving the memory power of the children but also enables them to understand and learn the concepts of science, math and languages in a more effective manner. Though we agree that Music/Dance in general helps to develop cognitive skills but in a very vast magnitude in music centers which are full of fun and frolic as compared to home.

Development of Social Skills

This goes without saying that when children meet other people of similar motive and the same love for the art in a music /dance center, it grows their social circle.  Moreover, the children learn to work together, communicate and appreciate the efforts of each other, irrespective of how small or big they may be. They learn the importance of unity, dedication and hard work which can prove helpful to them throughout their lives. There is also a sense of subtle competition but in a healthy way that imbibes a sense of commitment to self-learning & practice.

According to Veena Bansal,VP – HR with a leading company in Gurgaon Music Dance Centres also encourage learning process in kids. My daughter Pranay was always eager to attend classes at her dance centre for Indian Classical for she had made some good friends and this made her a regular. There were times when we would ask her to drop a session so that we could attend a movie or a family function but she would always insist on completing her classes, she says with a chuckle. Also in our case the dance centre had a pick and drop which was very convenient keeping in view that both me and my husband have busy work schedules, she continues.

Development of Emotional Front

Children become more appreciative of the skills of different individuals. They also help them to learn to express their views and emotions in a confident and calm manner. In addition, the mentors at the music / dance centers teach the children to be mentally strong and accept failure as a part of life. They learn the concept of healthy competition and the importance of developing their own strengths and how they can further improve.

Well there is no doubt that Music Dance Centers are beneficial in more than one way a related question is how to identify the right centre. Often there are questions like how far is it, what are the timings, price plays it part in selection. The easiest is to seek advise from someone whose kids are already enrolled and follow suit but then you can also refer to India’s #1 Music Dance Connect Platform – localturnon for help here.

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