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When a Music does a Jingle

Posted On:02.11.2017

It is seduction at its best. We may not even want them but we end up being sold on them. They come in at regular intervals and make sure they stay on in our minds and on our lips long after we don’t see or hear them. We may not end up with being with them but they always manage to touch our hearts.

Such is the power of Music in Advertising that when it jingles it makes us go “AWWWWE” and a little weak in the hearts. Localturnon looks at some of those memorable pieces of music that made us love our jingles.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein

The uncle kicking a ball, the father smiling holding the baby and the guy running after the bus etc. It was an advertisement that touched aspects of our daily lives, being with friends, family, loved ones and celebrating the uniqueness (Khaas) in all of us brought out through our bonds with each other as sweet as a Cadbury. There were a series of these advert and the lady dancing when the guy hits the ball out of the boundary and dodging the ropeman to do her dance on the cricket ground still remains etched in many a folks’ memories even today.

Parachute Hair Oil – Gorgeous Hamesha

Sung by Mohit Chauhan and featuring Deepika Padukone it was perfect for the background score accompanied by a kind of a drooling, soft, sensuous tone. Need we say more when you have a overdose of gorgeous ladies, beautiful music, voice and lyrics. Though doubt how many folks associated it with a Hair Oil 😉 eventually.

Airtel – Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Airtel struck gold with the Rahman tune and can probably boast of a Telco having the most downloaded ringtones as a jingle but this one was refreshing. The advert drove beautifully the message of sharing your Airtel goodies with friends. A kind of a fast rap with the whistles, the gang noises, shrieks, laughter , the general feel good pandemonium with no star cast but just your regular-college guy / girl next door added to the appeal.

Close Up – Kya app Close-up karte hain

It was retro juxtaposed on the new and it worked wonders. A Prasoon Joshi creation with a retro tune, superimposed with category relevant lyrics, the settings in Eastman colours frame and the evergreen “guy v/s another guy both wooing girl” easily made it to school / college & office banters and teases.

McDowells No 1. Soda – No 1 Yaari Hai !

A rewind of three friends from their school, college days to the present where they meet their teacher from yesteryears is accompanied by a rich, earthen tone and lyrics that spell out friendship. A video that supports the antics of the three friends lends further support to help us decide this as a sure shot in our list of musically tingling jingles.

Ponds Cold Cream – Googly Woogly Woosh

Sung by Monali Thakur this was indeed a very very “CHEEKY” one 😉 (literally). A lot of cheek pulling but it sounded n looked too “AWWHEE” for us to let it go from this list. The best part apart from the catchy lyrics and melody was the hand gesture that was aped by the local romeos wanting to drive a point from far.

Bajaj – Hamara Bajaj

It seemed like handed over from a generation to the other. Of course the scooter yaar (atleast initially till it kicked in the bikes as well) but then the advert too grew with us. From years of a permanent last cover of the India Today magazine to the TV sets that Hamara Tumhara Sabka Bajaj was a given in all Indian homes. Its scenes out of a India Landscape, the people featuring in it were the common people , families of India and with a “Indianness” kind of tune stuck a chord with all.


As it always happens in seduction scenes there is that next one lurking around the corner and will soon make its presence felt. But then who’s complaining. Let them come is what we at Localturnon can say, for we enjoy our music being mushy mushy 🙂 after all it’s the music that tingles oops jingles our heart !

PS: If you have any one that touched your heart share it with us at facebook/localturnon and we will put it out with your tag! (first come first tag applies for repeat / duplicate entries) and of course since its our article and our blog we at Localturnon take the final call of what we publish .. just kidding !

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