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What Parents Say about Music N Dance Academy

Posted On:05.08.2017

What Parents say about MUSIC ‘N’ DANCE ACADEMY Pitampura

Its a place in Pitampura where talent, entertainment and learning go hand in hand. Music N Dance Centre has it all when it comes to Classical or Western form of Dance or Music. From Kathak, Bharatnatyam , Folk, Bhangra, to Guitar, Keyboard and more there are trained tutors for learners. In true sense its our #1 Music Dance Centre in West Delhi. Play on is what parents say . Watch. Like. Enroll if you are planning to learn music dance as well !

For those who are not familiar with this Academy, it is one of the most sought after Music Dance Centres in #West #Delhi – THE MUSIC ‘N’ DANCE Academy. Founded by Gurmeet Malhotra, this Academy came into being since 2007. The journey since then has been very fruitful .More than 500 students have been trained and over 300 students certified. Music n Dance Academy specializes in Classical Dance Forms such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc. Besides Classical Dance it also provides professional training for other dance forms like : Ballet, Bollywood, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Bhangra etc. The Academy also offers course for Instrumental Music like Guitar, Drums, Dholak, Tabla, Keyboard etc. Indian Classical Singing is also taught at the Institute.

In addition to Music and Dance they also have hobby courses like Art and Craft, Drawing, English Language, Theatre and Chess. The staff is highly experienced and professional. In the Founder’s own words “we believe in good quality education and individual attention. Infrastructure is ideal for such courses. Discipline is maintained in each and every class. We believe in quality learning. Yearly exams are conducted, certificates are provided. Proper theory and practical knowledge is provided. Students are encouraged to participate at various state and national level competitions. This make the concept very clear to each and every student and they also gain confidence by facing these challenges.”

With their May batch on, all you need to do now is enroll and get to experience a Fun and Interactive Learning at this wonderful academy

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