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Best of Sufi from Nizami Bandhus

Posted On:03.05.2017

Best of SUFI “Damadum Mast Kalandar” by Nizami Bandhus

SUFI QWWALI = DAMADUM MAST KALANDAR by NIZAMI BANDHUS – A Perfect #setting close to the historic Qutab Minar in Delhi amidst a landscaped garden accompanied by beautiful music makes for an #ideal #evening listening to & when its #NIZAMI #BANDHUS what more can we at Localturnon say except….#WATCH > GET #MESMERIZED > #REWATCH > #BLISS !!

Localturnon shares a Clip from a 3rd March #QWWALI & #SUFI evening in the Captial #Delhi, in which Nizami Bandhus held a audience totally captive with their music.

About Nizami Bandhus

The Nizami Bandhu belong to a family that are the descendants of court singers of Sufi-saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya for several centuries. They perform all over the world and cultural events.In 2011, they appeared in the song “Kun Faya kun” in film Rockstar, performing at the Nizamuddin Dargah, along with actor Ranbir Kapoor. In 2015 they also sang in Salman Khan starer movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was directed by Kabir Khan Nizami sung Aaj Rang Hai which was written by poet Amir Khusro.


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