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One of Jashnerekhta ‘s memorable moments

Posted On:03.04.2017

When they sang their hearts out and won many in return: Jashnerekhta 2017

When we roamed around the stages, the lawns on the 19th of Feb, the last day of Jashnerekhta little did we know that we would be given this gem of a performance. As the voice floated across the lawn audiences began to move in the direction as if the voice was drawing folks to itself.

The Voice came from the dias where the young boys from the Hosla Charitable Trust had no idea of what they were about to create. For almost close to an hour they held the audiences in their own with one melodious number after another. The audiences only grew after the boys began singing and remained hooked till the end.

One thing common between the singers and the listeners was while one sang their hearts out the other had to give-in their hearts for the spell these young singers created.

Localturnon salutes the spirit and the talent in them. Our applause and appreciation for them will never stop for they are our true winners in Life !

The short clip is a collection of our memories from the Jashnerekhta 2017 – and we term it as one of the most memorable of this year’s event for us!

About Jashn-e-Rekhta

Jashn-e-Rekhta is a celebration of the spirit and eloquence of Urdu. The festival is organized annually in Delhi, under the aegis of Rekhta Foundation – a non-profit organization for the promotion of Urdu language and culture.

Jashn-e-Rekhta – the 3 day annual festival aims to create the much required awareness and appreciation of a language born and evolved in the Indian sub-continent. It celebrates the multi-faceted nature of Urdu – its beauty and versatility. The festival explores the different elements and range of emotions as manifested through poetry, prose, drama, art, cinema and popular culture and includes performances, recitations, mushairas, panel discussions, debates, film screenings and exhibitions featuring leading writers, poets, artists, litterateurs, journalists and lyricists from India and elsewhere. Since its debut in 2015, the festival has grown to become one of the largest literary and cultural events with a footfall of 85,000 visitors in 2016. It garners an overwhelming response and appreciation with the support and participation of doyens of Urdu as well as people from the film, music and TV fraternity from across the globe.


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