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Posted On:01.10.2018

Every successful musician will vouch for it. A strong foundation in music learning makes for an accomplished artist. And this can’t be more apt for Pandit Siyaram Tiwari Memorial Sangeet Trust® (PSTMST®). Formed in the loving memory of Dhrupad Legend Pandit Siyaram Tiwari, the trust is committed to preserve, promote and popularize Dhrupad Style among masses. With Pandit Siyaram Tiwari’s grandson Shri. Sumeet Anand Pandey looking after Trust’s day to day affairs, it is poised to expand its footprints further and spread “Dhrupad Sabha” and “Gurukul” to contribute in Dhrupad’s revival.

Below are the extracts of the rendezvous with Shri. Sumeet Anand Pandey at the Pandit Siyaram Tiwari Memorial Sangeet Trust ®. Read on!

#localturnon: 1. What is the history of the Centre – how did it come into being, its journey etc. Who were the founders, Does it have any branches etc?

PSTMST®: Pandit Siyaram Tiwari Memorial Sangeet Trust® (PSTMST®) was formed in the summer of 2014 in loving memory of Dhrupad legend of Darbhanga Gharana, PadmaShree Pandit Siyaram Tiwari (March 1919-August 1998) by his immediate family members. His daughter Smt. Usha Pandey, her husband Shri Anand Mohan Pandey and their son, Sumeet Anand Pandey (Dhrupad vocalist) had this brainwave which was followed by the formation of this trust. The trust is committed to preserve, promote and popularise Indian Classical Music, particularly Dhrupad through its works. For recognising and felicitating artists in Dhrupad genre, PSTMST® organises Dhrupad Sabha, a biannual festival in March and August in Patna and New Delhi, respectively. Some noted names like Pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick, Ud. Wasifuddin Dagar, Pt. Dr. Ritwik Sanyal, Dr. Madhu Bhatt Tailang, Ud. Bahauddin Dagar have been featured in this festival. Besides these senior artists, the festival has also featured young and promising artists like Sh. Sangeet Kumar Pathak, Sh. Ashutosh Upadhyay, Sh. Rishi Shankar Upadhyay, Sh. Shubhashish Pathak, Sh. Mrinal Upadhyay, Sh. Vijay Ramdas to name a few.

#Localturnon: 2. What does PSTMST offer to students? How does PSTMST ensure that the training techniques / teaching style gives individual attention / proper knowledge to students. ?

PSTMST®: The teaching method that is followed can be best described as ‘modern gurukul’ system. Because of today’s time and space constraints, a practical way forward adopted is weekly and biweekly one to one classes. This allows students as well as working people to take out time and pursue their interest/passion. Besides, formal Indian classical music training, tailor-made classes to suit individual needs are designed for effective teaching. Pupils from 8-10 years onwards are welcomed to learn Indian Classical Music with special emphasis on Dhrupad style, which has its roots in vedic system, meditation, yoga and spirituality

#Localturnon: 3. What are the future plans for the school?

PSTMST®: The future envisages a full-fledged Gurukul teaching various performing branches of Dhrupad style, viz. Vocal, Pakhawaj, Veena etc. in Bihar and New Delhi to begin with.

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