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ParaDream – LTO Band of Week

Posted On:07.03.2017

ParaDream invited us to come and meet the band members. A little over 30 minutes of metro train and car ride, we were ushered into a cosy, musically intoxicating surround room with curious eyes settling down on us. As the conversations flowed to and fro we realized these were a bunch of just through with college youngsters with passion about music so clearly written all over them. With dreams of owning the top of the line equipment sets to performing at some of their favourites haunts they were like live wire and it was no wonder that we decided to feature them as our LTO BAND OF THE WEEK- PARADREAM is all about Musical Dreams coming true! Their story and coming to life..Read on!

#localturnon: What is the history of the band – how did it come into being and what does the name of your band signify?

ParaDream: ParaDream is an Indian multigenre band that was formed in 2016 with an idea to redefine music to a new level. The only motive of the band is to provide the sound that resides in every person around the world and want each one of them to expect nothing less than a smart, fully immersive, experimental journey through each and every live performance, song and improvised covers. This is how the band came into being. The current line up includes
Tim Patras-Lead Vocalist(Male)
Pushkar Sharma-Keyboardist/Backing vocalist
Vedant Kochar-Lead Guitarist
Ajatshatru Singh-Rhythm Guitarist
Prabal Sharma-Percussionist/Drummer
Parth Kaushik-Bassist

The Band was started by Drummer Prabal Sharma, Guitarist- Vedant Kochar and Keyboardist- Pushkar Sharma . Parth the basisst, Vocalist Tim and Guitarist Ajatshatru joined later after listening to the real idea of forming the band. All the members are from the same school St. Xavier’s Raj Niwas Marg Delhi and the thought of each and every member sync perfectly to make a perfect family. Thinking about music that defines one single thought of all the members of the band to give the nation, world a new experience of music paradream started its journey.

Paradream as the name suggests is something beyond dreams. It is Something that gives the listener that he/she needs, Something related to the sound of infinity state of bliss, combining several genres, free from everything, every single bond, composing not from the mind but from the heart and soul, composing for our real self

#Localturnon: So who are your favourites/icons/role models in the field of music?

ParaDream:Okay! So the favourite in terms of most inspiring western bands are DreamTheater and Coldplay and when it comes to Indian music the band follows ideas of A.R Rehman, Amit Trivedi, Shankar Ehsaan Loy; all of them being the role models for us.

#Localturnon: How does the band rejuvenate its creative insights / get the adrenalin going?

Paradream:Seeing our role models performing live gives us a high and producing music we actually love drives our energy high .The blissful music of A.R Rehman, Immersive and experimental music of Dream Theater , The music by Coldplay takes us to the new ultimate dimensions of the universe and rejuvenates our energy and keeps us all moving towards our goal.

#Localturnon:Do your songs carry a message / a theme or a story ..if so can you share more on it?

ParaDream:Our original compositions are still under process,but indeed each and every song that we belt out comes straight from the heart and is gonna carry a social message for the Indian society as well as we’ll give the essence of blissfulness and positivity that will make the world see the real aspects of life through the stories in our songs. We hope our Music will strike a chord with the audiences and touch their hearts ..fingers crossed.

#Localturnon:Of all the songs you have created which is your favourite one and why?

ParaDream: The original compositions are still under process but we have a hunch that we are gonna love each of our productions for the simple reason that its going to be our creation and there will be a bit of heart of each of us in those creations. But lets see how it shapes up.

#Localturnon:Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell?

ParaDream:Fan just love to hear us and it just take them to another level of listening to music

#Localturnon: Of all the performances the band has given which one is the most memorable and why?

ParaDream:We performed in Samyukt 2017 organised by Delhi Tourism and Kalindi college. We got the second position in this Delhi NCR level competition. It was our first live Gig and we were so happy. It filled us with lots and lots of positive energy as well as gave us the courage to stand out and see the world out of the 4 walls.

#Localturnon:Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance / with you or the other artists / stage members?

ParaDream:Thankfully no such incidence till date with the band or its members (smiling).

#Localturnon:How has the musical journey been so far for your band and what are you looking forward?

ParaDream:The musical journey seems easy but it consists of lot of struggles. There are always ups and downs and yeah we’ve seen that too but since we are focused on our goal and believe in ourselves no matter how tough the situations may be, we’re gonna make through them for sure. We are looking forward to make the kind of music that will present Paradream as one of the best examples in the music world.

#Localturnon:Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who are thinking of getting into this line ?

ParaDream:Forming a band is a way too easy task but taking it to another level that one wishes to see is the real challenge. Most important part of the band is the band chemistry, and if that is good, if the band is not just a band but a family with a proper professional attitude then one can do wonders

As we at Localturnon say “Turn On Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life!”