Posted On:05.13.2016

Whether it is the guitar which fascinates you or you are classic like the violin, just pick up one Music instrument and bring music into your life. And it’s not just we who are saying that playing a musical instrument helps you unwind but it has also been scientifically proven.  So get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, fine tune your preferred musical instrument and free yourself from the clutches of stress and anxiety. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a beautiful landscape where you play an instrument to woo your beau and mix up some music and wine. Rejuvenating, isn’t it? This is exactly the kind of joy that learning to play a musical instrument brings to your life.

So which instrument do you plan to learn? Will it be the sounds of the brassy piano, the boom, boom, and splash of the drums or the tootle-too of a flute that will be coming out of your window, tonight?

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Those of you who already play an instrument will understand when I say that playing an instrument gives you a kind of pleasure and a high which nothing else can replace. It is the best lone time which you can spend with yourself.

Let us now jot down a few points for you on how playing an instrument adds positivity to your life.

It grows your social circle

It goes without saying that the one who can play an instrument is always among the most popular ones. So be it in the college or in the workplace, the ability to play an instrument does fetch you a lot of company. (And who doesn’t like having a great bunch of friends)

It allows you to express yourself

You would agree that not everybody has the power to express their feelings by sitting in front of a typewriter and bleeding emotions. Also, not everyone can speak out of their inner feelings openly. Playing a musical instrument basically gives a voice to you to express yourself freely. You may have a face to show, to the people around you but when you get on the stage and play that instrument, that, that is your true self.(Being you without any inhibitions whatsoever)

It makes you more disciplined

Well, well, well. Playing an instrument is not a cakewalk. It requires years of practice and patience to reach perfection. Hence, the whole learning process develops a sense of discipline in you. And as they say once you have passion and discipline in your spirit, nothing, absolutely nothing can stop you. (Wait no more. Get, set to set the stage on fire today)

It enhances your respiratory system

Learning to play a musical instrument like flute or mouth-organ would require you to do a lot of breathing exercises. As these exercises will help you to play the instrument the way it should be played. This certainly boosts up the health of your respiratory system. (Time to learn Baba Ramdev’s Anulom-vilom)

It promotes happiness

It is indeed true that playing a musical instrument energizes you and fills you with positivity. And a happy you will make your near and dear ones happy too. Imagine, you playing on an instrument and your audience applauding for you. Wouldn’t it encourage you and fill you with utmost happiness? It definitely will! (Be an ambassador of happiness and start learning that instrument right away)

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See you folks again next week till then, Too-too, too-tum-too, tooty-tum! (Wink)