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Artist of the Week – Priyanka Valecha (Belly Dancer)

Posted On:06.21.2016

What is the history to your taking up Dance – how did it come into being, your journey(in brief)

My journey started with doing bharatnatyam in school. We had compulsory bharatnatyam classes and I was 11 years old then. I wanted to learn all of it. Apart from learning bharatnatyam, me and my friends used to choreograph for school functions like teachers day, annual day, farewells etc.

Priyanka Valecha Belly Dancing Troupe
From there my interest in dance started building up and I decided to join jazz at Ashley Lobo’s Danceworx. After continuing jazz for 5 years, I was on a break for two months as I wanted a change and wanted to explore more dance styles. A friend of mine introduced me to Belly dance classes happening in Delhi. I was excited to know about it and immediately went to enroll for the classes. i loved every bit of it. That defined me and I am proud to be a belly dancer who still loves to experiment and learn different dance styles.
So who are your favorites/ Icons/ Role Models in the field of Dance?

There are too many, not only favorite belly dancers but also dancers from different dance backgrounds. There are too many to name. But what inspires me is the positive aura, that intangible quality. That makes me learn better, dance better and be a better person.

Does your Dance carry a message / a theme or a story ..if so can you share more on it…

Depends on the choreographies. if its a theme based then yes. If not, then still my dance has this message that ‘I love what I do and this what makes me happy’.

Of all the performances you’ve given, which is your favourite one and why ?

I dont have any favorite performances. I am never satisfied with my performance and I think thats a good thing. That keeps the fire on to improve and work hard each and every day.

How do rejuvenate your creative insights / get the adrenaline going?

I feel we are always surrounded with and around so many things. Its upto to you how and what you take from it. I love to do attend classes of different dance styles. Be in that environment of dancers and learning from each other not just through dance but a lot more, makes me keep going.

Do you have any interesting fan stories to tell?

Fans? Not really. But I have had STALKERS haha!.

Of all the stages in your Dance Journey which has been your most memorable one (learning, practicing, performing, teaching etc) and why ?

For me all the stages where special from learning to practicing to performing to teaching. I am still looking forward to do more of it.

Can you share about some funny incident that happened on-stage / during performance /with you or the other artists / stage members ?

Hahaha there are a lot incidents that happen while performing. A student came on stage with her slippers on and kept her slippers infront of her throughout the performance. That was the funniest.

How has the Dance journey been so far for you and what are you looking forward to

Beautiful. Unpredictable. Exciting and I have loved each and every phase of it. I am looking forward to struggle more to let people accept belly dance and let it have that respect that it deserves.

Do you have any words of advice for youngsters who are thinking of getting into this line ?
 The “HIP-piest” group of them all!
Teaching is very special to me and I love to pass on what I know and give people good quality of work. But I am a student for life. I will never stop learning and this is what I recommend to the youngster who want to be a professional belly dancer/dancer. Keep learning, there is no end to it.
“What inspires me is positive aura, that intangible quality…makes me learn better, dance better and be a better person”