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Riwayat In Dhanbad

Posted On:02.16.2017

RIWAYAT – A Siddhartha Banerjee Initiative

There’s #RIWAYAT in #Dhanbad ! Localturnon shares #glimpses of #RIWAYAT from Dhanbad…A popular Bollywood tune on d #Siddha #Veena 🙂

For those wanting to know about “R.I.W.A.Y.A.T” (Riwayat symbolizes change / evolution / a metamorphosis of kinds) – It’s a Siddhartha Banerjee initiative that fuses #Indian #Classical with #Bollywood Music and aims to create a differentiation through its mix and fuse.

The group Riwayat plans to expand their reach to other cities in the time to come and will collaborate with different artists across cities. Stay tuned for more news!

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