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Saints N Sinners opens in Gurgaon

Posted On:11.11.2017

“Come One, Come All” used to be a popular saying in the old times and often used to lure visitors to inns, places of entertainment. Saints N Sinners, the newly opened grub pub in the heart of Gurgaon is all set to welcome all saints n sinners with the single moto in mind “entertainment”. A localturnon take on this newest Music Haven in town. Read on…

It was a misty evening on the 9th Nov when we stopped outside the Global Foyer Mall on Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon. It had been a two hour drive from our base in Noida and we were looking forward to getting inside and the expectations were running high and were we surprised.

It was easy to spot from the lobby. Being on the ground floor has its advantages after all. What struck us was the warm glow from the “Saints ‘N’ Sinners” logo lights at the entrance and a non-obtrusive display unlike we have seen in some other outlets that kind on get on too strong on you.So far so good.

The best part is when you enter you think its kind of a small place until your eyes soak it all.There is so much of it happening all together that it takes a while for you to realize what to focus on. The live music deck right in front, the neat inviting bar on the right until your eyes kind of waver upwards to realize there is a whole new level up there with people walking, enjoying and of course the melody floating from the DJ console hanging up in mid air like some kind of a preacher reaching out to his disciples.Personally speaking we are fans of the classic era and when the old numbers came on we were hooked. The loud yet comfy music music flowing, mixed with the lights , the decor makes you really want to groove in there. One more pleasant thing that we did notice was the non-abuse of huge display screens. Its so much of a no-no when it comes to pubs for you want folks to enjoy the music, banter over food and drinks and not stare at screens. Kudos to the team for getting this right.

The evening seemed to go very nicely and why not when you have delicious delights to munch on and even delightful, tasteful music accompanying. Since this was the launch the Founders a.k.a our hosts Anuja Sinha and Vishal Anand were gracious and interactive. Upon being asked the thought behind this whole “Saints ‘N’ Sinners” we were told that it stems from the fact Duality is an undeniable human characteristic. Like everything in life there are two sides to everything..two sides to a coin, always two options to chose and yet these go hand in hand. More like the Saint side that urges you to be selfless, righteous, compassionate while the Sinners aspect makes you want to break free, test the limits. So here’s a place that celebrates this duality. A place to shed those inhibitions , to be free from precedence and prejudice and to be yourself without pretence. To “let go” and enliven with music, food and drinks. And that’s what exactly happened next when the live band came onstage.

The Music started with the romantic numbers leading its way to Cold Play covers and then a couple of more catchy groovy ones that got the crowd on to their feet. One could see the balcony watchers merrily watching the proceedings from top.They have a good attractive line up for the rest of the month with some popular city bands and artists coming down to ensure the music index scores high throughout.

So where do we stand on this one. Well, the two neon back-lit saxophones on either side of the stage says what Anuja and Vishal pointed out. Its a perfect balance.. kind of being in harmony with each other and its difficult to pick which one outscores the other … the music or the food. Our recommendation is that if you are a music lover and want your food to be what makes your evening special head out to Saints N Sinners. Our only caution is that like anything addictive it might get you to keep coming back. And this one addiction is not going to be bad at all. From Localturnon, Adios till we hit the next one.

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