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The SIGNS by John Mpamei gets ready for launch

He is one of the best known singers from the Eastern States to have made it BIG. With back to back releases of music albums, live performances across and his latest single “SIGNS” ready for launch John Mpamei is a busy yet smiling man. We trace the motive behind this album in a sneak launch post this time with a promise that we will come back with the actual song once it hits the charts

Localturnon is proud to announce that John Mpamei’s new music video release of his song “SIGNS”, the second upcoming single from his latest album “Illuminate” will be on Vh1 in the 1st week of November 2017. Be sure to watch out for this one !

The album ”Illuminate” is about reaching out to the young people who are going through hard time and are discouraged, To look into the inner part of themselves and the light within them and to let it shine out and believe in the master piece which is inside each of us, designed by God.

The song was written 6 months ago and quickly became a favorite, but was never officially released. The video features Ms. Kumghaa from Nagaland, The song is produced by Element Indies & The song is written by John Mpamei and Kevi Pucho.

“The Signs” was directed and co-produced by Charles Crezen, who also directed “Far away” prior music video (from the album “Far away”)

About John Mpamei : John Mpamei is a recording artist, singer-songwriter and musician. Mpamei debuted on the professional music scene alongside Green mixed band,The harvest teams, 2002-2004.His solo career started in 2011,Mpamei gained attention when his single “Fly Away” was featured. As a solo artist in Dubai.
John Mpamei is a dedicated, talented and resourceful musician who started his career as a Western Violinist under the supervision of Prof Herick colby at the age of 13.The profound knowledge in music helped in extending the career to work in renowned schools internationally as a highly talented musician who choreographed and held concerts. Moreover the extensive experience enriched the proficiency in entertaining live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls, and theaters featuring opera, and musical theater, Deep background in playing for live audiences and exclusively for recording and production studios; in addition to teaching.
Long anticipation of John Mpamei’s voice that echoed and created a niche in the deserts of Dubai is hitching with his exuberant Music Performance and rock the city of Imphal on July,2012. He also had perform in various concert and various venues like Hard Rock cafe New-delhi, Attitude alive Gurgoan, Turquoise cottage Saket, college feast, embassy etc and he also participated during Hornbill festival Nagaland, He is a pianist,His profound and melodious voice has entertained and amassed great reputation to his career. His Slow rock love songs are a blend of down to earth meaning and emotions and as a solo musical artist his music Video FAR AWAY, CRY was aired on variouse TV Channel including Vh1 India and was also play listed on Vh1 hit factory, Vh1 Exculsive. His song was aslo played on various Radio station in India and abroad.(Internationally)

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