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Zumba empowers Women the Srujna Way

When the melody plays, footsteps move, heart sings and spirit begin to dance ― Shah Asad Rizvi  

Dance is about a connect with your inner self , its about expressing your feelings and getting aligned with your soul. These are sayings that one comes across various medium. The Form doesnt matter. What is critical is the spirit in which it is acted upon for then only does dance hold its true meaning – to give wings to the spirit within. Its this spirit that was found in abundance at the Sukh Hotel at Juhu (Mumbai) where the Srujna Charitable Trust in association with Gold’s Gym recently hosted a Zumba event for the cause of women empowerment on 12th January 2019

To Introduce SRUJNA its a charity providing livelihood support to underprivileged women in India and operates with a mission to transform vulnerable women into confident, independent and contributing members of the families, through creating and supporting micro businesses for women. When asked why SRUJNA and ZUMBA we were told that Zumba event was with the purpose to raise awareness about the cause, promote a message about the health, and fitness for the women, and raise funds for the cause of women empowerment.

And thus on the 12th of Jan 25 women came forward to participate in a one of its kind ZUMBA Workshop cum a empowerment session which also was echoed by the Zumba fitness instructor ‘Zin Ana’ who conducted the session.

As SRUJNA continues to expand its footprint and do more innovative stuff around women and women empowerment you too could support the movement by being their digital warrior by spreading awareness about Srujna digitally through instagram, facebook, and linkedin.

You could also come in as volunteers and connect with the team by writing at info@srujna.org for various opportunities. SRUJNA also invites champions in every day walks of life to come and share their learnings with the wider women group, learnings that instill confidence, positivity and an eagerness to excel in life.

Localturnon which is India’s leading music dance connect platform endorses any such initiative that has music or dance as its preamble to bring about changes in people’s lives for its truly when you TURN ON MUSIC , TURN ON DANCE you TURN ON LIVES!

About SRUJNA: Srujna is a charity providing livelihood support to underprivileged women in India. Srujna won Largest Social Impact Award given by Seattle Rotary at Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC) organized by University of Washington in the year 2012. Won 1st PRize at Meraki 2012 Pan India Business Plan Competition Organized by Fortune Institute of International Business, Delhi, 2012 and the 1st prize in i2I International Business Plan Competition organized by IIM Entrepreneurship cell, Calcutta 2012. The group is also involved in manufacture of products that range from Stationery items such as Folders , diaries to Rakhis, Diyas, Greeting Cards and even Apparels, Bags, Jewellery & Chocolates.

About Localturnon: Localturnon is truly India’s #1 integrated connect platform for Music and Dance. Find Music and dance learning centers, classes, deals, tutors. Connect with singers, dancers, music bands, dance troupes, musicians, get online tutorials. Play on to your moods through popular music and dance events be it a musical fest, sufi nites, ghazal performances, rock festival or salsa, tango, Zumba twists. Localturnon ensures that you get the best of the deals, latest happenings in music and dance through a direct, holistic connect with the community around you. We have it all covered – be it Ghazal or Sufi learning in Lucknow, Musical festival in Delhi, a rock concert in Bangalore or Gurgaon, a garba fest in Mumbai or Ahmedabad, Indian classical dance and vocal performance in Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune, Bollywood dancing to even the tribal and folk dances from our North East and other States

“Turn On Music || Turn on Happiness || Turn on Life!”


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