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By Joe ! Its your stars that make you dance !

Posted On:05.06.2016

Are you crazy about dancing? And are you the first one to imitate MJ’s signature moon walk whenever at a party? Well then, you’ve landed at the right page. We, like you, love to sway our bodies along with the music. We understand that though you are a fan of the thumkas and the jhatkas but when it comes to learning a particular dance style it gets difficult to choose “the one”, from the many available forms.

Hence, we have interesting way for you to choose your dance style. Since our zodiac signs define our personality traits and our attitude towards things hence we have used that knowledge to match your zodiac to its suited dance form. So dear dancer buddies scroll down this article to discover your style like you once scrolled down the newspapers to find out what your zodiac had in store for you.


The energetic and determined Aries, you will thank your stars when you find out that your dance style is Salsa. Oh! Yes, the sassy Salsa. So get your dancing shoes on and raise the hotness quotient dancing like a movie star. And while you take our hearts away with your moves remember, Salsa is the new sexy.


For the devoted and intense Taurean in you nothing can be more suited than the energetic dance style of Pasodoble. Imagine a packed stage with you depicting the fierce bull fighting. Ah! Classic! So why not give a fresh start to your life by fighting bulls on Mondays instead of beating the blues. (Wink emoticon)


Gemini’s are well known for their lively and colourful personality. And there is no dance style more vivacious than our very own Bollywood. So let’s hear it out for the Gemini’s who’ll be grooving on “Dilli waali girlfriend” tonight.


Oh! My romantic and passionate cancers let me look into my magic ball and see what’s in store for you. Ah! Yes, it is Waltz. Can it get more intimate than this? Hell, no! So, who are you waltzing with, tonight? (Curious emoticon)


For the Leo’s, who possess a vibrant personality which is an amalgamation of various traits nothing can be better suited than Tango. So now as per their personality Leo’s get to be slow, quiet, sensual, sexy, violent and calm all at the same time while they dance to the tunes of Tango.


Virgo’s are the ones who have the eye for detail. They are perfectionists in whatever activity they pursue. And for such detailed oriented beings, Ballet is the end of the quest of hunting for a dance style. So with pointed toes and spirit en’ lair, get ready to amaze the crowd and be the black swan of the dancing fraternity.


Librans seek for balance in everything in life just like Jazz, which requires a balance of different techniques. So wrap yourself up in excitement, practice, practice, improvise and do not forget to jazz it up a little. (Double wink emoticon)


Oh, the mysterious scorpions! Should we play the mystery game with you for a while and give you hints to guess your suited dance style? Well, we would definitely, someday but not today as we can’t wait to see the excitement on your faces when you come to know that it’s Hip-Hop that’s meant for you. It is a perfect accompaniment to your fun yet complex style, isn’t it?


Sagittarians are quite versatile in nature. And since, variety is the spice of life hence we have worked out a super awesome combo of Jazz, Ballet and other such classic dance forms for you. Contemporary dance, as they call it. So flaunt your many skills and stud the stage with applauds.


For the disciplined Capricorns who are the preachers of self control, Kathak, is the most suitable dance form. So with pleasant ghungroo laden feet dance your emotions out and let the sound of the thatkaar make direct contact with your inner spirit.


Aquarians are always energetic and hence Zumba fitness dance is their best suited dance style. So Aquarians don’t feel guilty over that chocolate cake you had last night as you can always shed the extra kilos with Zumba.


At last we have finally come to our traditional and classic Pisceans. And for our Pisceans nothing is better than the classy ballroom dancing. So why don’t you look into her eyes tonight and let your moves do the amorous talking. (Don’t know about you but our bliss mode is certainly on.)

One can argue if the above match holds true for everyone .. but then its best not to argue with one’s stars. They can move in strange ways to make us do stranger things. And its best to live with the fact that if “Stars can make you Dance” then “Dancing can make you Stars” as well !

And for all those who thought Ball-room Dance was everyone’s favourite absorb this beautiful quote by George Bernard Shaw into your skin. “Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire”