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TERE BIN (Tom Borah & Pankaj Rajkhowa) – Localturnon Fresh Song

Posted On:10.23.2016

Localturnon Fresh Song is TERE BIN by Tom Borah & Pankaj Rajkhowa

Tom Borah & Pankaj Rajkhowa ‘s latest release #TERE #BIN is refreshing for its voice, its tone and a story that moves along the video. In their own voice TERE BIN is about ” There is that time in your life when you meet someone who can make your heartbeat go bonkers & make it stop at the same time!! If you understand what we are saying, you must have been in love… Everyone has been in love, there is no denial to that. That’s a phase of one’s life, which kind of gets embedded in your soul till the day one dies. It’s a very special feeling.. A feeling that ignites your heart!! Your soul!! That special someone for who you want to give your life out, spend your life living with. Do everything that will keep the two together.

“Tere Bin” is a song that takes you through a simple love story. A story that shows the life of two people, from the time they meet and the time that separates them. We won’t promise you a happy ending, because happiness as we all know is just momentary.. It’s the pain, the sadness, the love & its memories that always remain.

It’s also a reminder for us, to treat each relationship with care and love, because life is short.. You never know when you lose the ones you love!! ”

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