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So Whats Your Song ?

Posted On:11.14.2016
Posted by ltoadmin

“So.. Whats your Song, Dude”, asks my cousin from the US who is here to spend the winters with us. “My Song?” I ask him. And he senses I am not getting it. “Well, you know….the song that always gets you going” he explains.

Hmm.. My Song.. and I wonder. The keratin in me suddenly flashes Jagjit Singh numbers “Woh Kagaz ki Kashti, “Sarakte Jaye Hai Rukh Se”, the evergreen oldies from the 60s and 70s..those Rafi, Kishore Kumar numbers, the college romance numbers from the 90s featuring Ajay Devgan, Rahul Roy, Amir Khan .. and the recent select ones to the few country songs that suddenly crop up. Phew..I like them all.

Come to think of it, there are plenty of songs that I like to hear often but then he specifically mentioned that it is the one that moves me whenever I hear. Makes it difficult to have just one I argue to my-self. Is it actually possible to have your song..a song for all your needs? I mean there are always those peppy numbers, the fast paced ones where everyone jumps on the dance floor be it the Daler Mehndi ones or the Badshah songs. They certainly tend to move people in ways not seen before 😉 Or the motivational kinds aka “Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai” kinds that one of my bosses told me rejuvenated her every time she felt a little under the weather.

I try to look around and see if I can get some more ideas here. I see my Uncle and Aunt laughing amidst other relatives and it strikes me they always sing Pankaj Udhas’s number “Chandi Jaise Rang” whenever someone asks them or the mood gets to them. Havent heard or seen them with any other song….so could that be their song?

As I glance around my eyes set upon my old Pune Engineering College picture and then it strikes me. Yup ! we had a college song. Every time we had a party, every time we had an event this would be one song that all were meant to sing and that too with all our hearts out. It kind of defined us and we identified with it. The rebellious streaks, the tempo building to a crescendo, the song had multiple voices and the lyrics provided adequate cover to make it relevant for all occasions ..wooing girls to exams to holidays to competition with other departments to even just sitting post dinner..“Pyaar Hamen Kis Mod Par Le Aaya” was our song. It was unofficially recognized as the College Song. We even had the juniors memorize it during their induction so that the tradition passed over to the next generation. Wonder if they are still singing it out there in Pune.

The college song leads me to the office song. We were in Airtel when Hello Tunes were launched and incidentally Sharukh’s movie Main Hoon Na was one of the first movies which gave us the list of hello tunes for our mobiles. The senior management drove their point to callers that they were always accessible and reliable through their selection of the song “Main Hoon Na” as their hello tunes. It did last for a while and some even jokingly said that this song was the office tune. But then seasons and tune changed when Aishwarya came dancing with “Kajra Re”.

As I begin to contemplate it dawns on me that like everything else the shelf life of “My /Our Song” too has diminished. Perhaps the jingle “No one can have just one” is apt here. When it comes to music people’s loyalties have wavered. There is no ever-lasting favourite these days. Trends come and go and same is being seen with songs and singers now.

“..The best example of wavering loyalties and not having “My Song” is to be found with this couple. Every night after dinner they sit down together and each one takes turn to play the songs of their choice which the other has to listen. I guess its no longer “My Song”…its “My Songs” now!”