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White Peacock Dance Studio (Mumbai) – LTO Centre of Week

Posted On:02.03.2017

#localturnon: What is the history of the Centre – how did it come into being, its journey (in brief) . Who were the founders, Does it have any branches etc?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: White Peacock, started its journey in the last leap of 2012. The founder of White Peacock is Enaakshi Kotwal, and partner is Manish Sarser. The institute was formed to spread Enaakshi’s love for Dancing and fitness.

#localturnon: What does your Music / Dance Center offer to students ?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Our Institute teaches students Belly dance, Bollywood and Free-style. We plan to launch Kathak Classes this year. White Peacock currently is based in South Mumbai

#localturnon: How does your School ensure that the training techniques / teaching style gives individual attention / proper knowledge to students?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Our school ensures quality training. We functions on modules, courses like Belly Dance have strict modules. We ensure quality by teaching the authentic Egyptian and the Turkish style. Mostly the courses are short term from one and half month to three months. At the end of the tenure, students give a practical examination.

Fitness courses are more fun and choreography based. So they have certain number of choreographies, which a student, needs to cover in a certain period. At the end of each tenure, they perform the choreographies and are evaluated for the same. They are also encouraged and taught to create their choreographies.

We believe in focussing on each student and imparting quality training, hence we do not encourage large batches.

#localturnon: How are the staff / teachers selected in your school? Is there a specific number of years in experience that you want to have in your teachers etc?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Teachers are selected based on their teaching, knowledge and communication skills. Many people can perform well, but teaching is an art and we give importance to that. A teacher should be approachable, well qualified, able to communicate, according to the level and understanding of the student.

#localturnon: Do your students get chance to test their skills / enhance their class-room learning in the real world?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Yes, students do get a chance, to perform and choreograph. Our founder ENAAKSHI KOTWAL choreographs for TV, stage and participates in arts festivals , many of her students assist her, and even participate in festivals and performances.

#localturnon: Do you have any cases where your students (who has passed out earlier / are currently enrolled) have done the school proud?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Yes , we have students from all around the world, who are learning from here, and spreading the form further around the world.

#localturnon: What are the future plans for the school ?

#Whitepeacockdancestudio: Future Plans: Yes there are, but one step at time. We plan to spread the art to more places soon. Our vision is to teach authentic styles and spread the art in its truest form.

“Our Institute teaches students Belly dance, Bollywood and Free-style. We plan to launch Kathak Classes this year”

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