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Enaakshi Kotwal @ Kala Ghoda Festival

Posted On:02.28.2017
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Enaakshi Kotwal Rocking the stage at the Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai

Oh Boy ! can this White Peacock aka our Enaakshi Dance or What – Says Localturnon ! And if u missed her performance @ #KALAGHODA #festival in #Mumbai u gotta watch dis for Enaakshi Kotwal #rocked d #stage. From #bellydance to #kathak to #latin n more she #moved everyone wid her #moves 🙂 N if you wanna learn she runs “WHITE PEACOCK DANCE STUDIO” in Mumbai

For those who are not familiar with ENAAKSHI KOTWAL her journey began with learning of Bharatnatayam and Kathak. As she grew up, she started following Shakira’s music and was also fascinated by her dance. She decided to find out more about the style. From that point forward, she decided to master the art of Belly Dance and the rest is history. Today Enaakshi teaches Belly Dance across the country and works with her heart and soul on fusing the graceful styles of Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk with Belly Dance.

She rejuvenates by watching different things like films, theatre, live events, various dance styles. She loves to explore places which are culturally rich in dance and believes that experiencing different dance styles and cultures enriches one’s soul. She has also recently explored Flamenco in Spain and taught Folk and Bollywood to 40 odd people from France.

Besides working on fusions she also works towards spreading Kathak, Indian Folk, Bollywood across the world. She has trained students from various parts of world including America, France, Germany. Australia, Singapore etc.

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