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Celebrating Music With Memories on World Music Day

Posted On:06.21.2017

AHA! Music AHA! World! Its World Music Day !

When you run out of words its MUSIC that expresses like anything. A Universal Language that creates and builds bonds without having to say anything at all. No wonder we at #Localturnon say AHA 🙂 to Music!

#Localturnon celebrates #WORLD #MUSIC #DAY with a prayer that may our Music bring out the best in each of us …bond us together and spread cheers like never before !

About World Music Day

In October 1981, Maurice Fleuret became Director of Music and Dance at Minister of Culture Jack Lang’s request, and applied his reflections to the musical practice and its evolution: “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere”. When he discovered, in a 1982 study on the cultural habits of the French, that five million people, one child out of two, played a musical instrument, he began to dream of a way to bring people out on the streets. It first took place in 1982 in Paris as the FĂȘte de la Musique.

Ever since, the festival has become an international phenomenon, celebrated on the same day in more than 700 cities in 120 countries, including China, India, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and Japan.

FĂȘte de la Musique’s purpose is to promote music in two ways:

1. Amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets, under the slogan “Faites de la musique” (“make music”, a homophone of FĂȘte de la Musique).

2. Many free concerts are organized, making all genres of music accessible to the public. Two of the caveats to being sanctioned by the official FĂȘte de la Musique organization in Paris are that all concerts must be free to the public, and all performers donate their time for free. This is true of most participating cities, now, as well.

Source: Wikipedia

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