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Yeh Tera Music Yeh Mera Music !

Posted On:06.28.2016

What do you remember the most, from the time when you were in kindergarten? The answer is often the rhymes. Yes, we’re talking about Johnny Johnny yes papa! Have you ever wondered what has made you remember these rhymes after all the years? Well, if you think hard there might be an element of melody somewhere associated with our earliest and fondest memories!!

While for our fathers and mothers, dancing to music blaring from the record player was the coolest thing in the world, for the youth today, making never ending playlists on smart phones is required to successfully navigate the ups and downs of high school relationships. But what does music really mean for the young? Is it as simple as shaking a leg to some typical-Bollywood-item- number? Or is it something more? Does the youth merely ‘hear’ the music or do they really ‘listen’ it?

Tejas Aggarwal , aged 19, confesses that he is a huge fan of the Electronic Dance Music. He feels that EDM is the new age of music. Being a die hard fan of EDM, he makes sure he attends all the live concerts of all the top notch artists, everytime they do come to India. Some of such artists include Avicii, Hardwell, Deadmau5, David Guetta and the list goes on.

Juhi, aged 25, on being asked about her favourite tracks responded that she has a thing for pop and energetic music. Her favourites include Beyonce, Taylor Swift , Sia, Imagine Dragons. She further adds that Adele’s latest track ‘Send My love’ has been on her lips ever since the time she first heard it. She stated that, in the low points of her life, music has been her only companion and she feels that there’s isn’t a force stronger than the force and power of music. Who needs therapy when you have music! *laughs*.

While in conversation with Aavrit, who has been playing the keyboard for the last 12 years, believes that music should not only touch the ears, it should be far reaching to the soul. Aavrit is presently learning FL Studio online because he aims to become a music producer one day. Talk about living your music!!

Srishti, Student of Delhi College Of Arts, on being asked about her favourite genre goes passionate as she says, “I go through a lot of phases. I had my ‘real music’ phase where I only listened to bands like The Beatles ; Now I just fangirl over Zedd and One Direction, and it makes me pretty happy! I also like trap music—and it kind of helps with homework.” Srishti is also learning guitar, because she finds it soothing and makes her unwind when she is stressed out. Dhruv, 23, is a rock hard fan and expresses his age old passion for rock music. “ Coldplay , 21 Pilots, The Black Keys, The Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, The Kooks are legit, GOD! I cannot divert to any other genre till the time they are alive” Well, that’s some loyalty, there!

Aditi, aged 23, shared with us something that we are going to remember the most about this session. She feels that music is an art form to calm not pacify. “I see teens blasting off rap music at the top of their speakers in this era. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I still believe the old melodies which date back to my father’s generation were real gold. The carpenters, Abba. Those were the days of real music” Well, as we say Yeh Tera Music Yeh Mera Music – To each their own 🙂

While the Juhis, the Aditis, the Dhruvs and the Srishtis had their corners for their genres almost everyone we interviewed loved music irrespective of a specific genre. “ I like anything and everything as long as its soothing for my mind. I don’t care much about a particular genre, though” added Sukriti, aged around 23. So it was not unusual to find that Sufi and Bollywood scored with everyone. Instrumental was not far off and then the ever popular Punjabi beats and tadka music came visiting the discussions every now and then.

Music remains the most powerful medium ; it evokes emotions in a person, be it emotions of love or of hatred and anger. The kind of music that youth listen to, reflect their state of mind. Preference for genres amongst youth also remains highly unpredictable, as most of us are a prey to different mood swings, we listen to different songs to keep a check on moods, help us get by the mundane and the not so mundane. As Anvi says “ Music has helped me great amounts while studying, I have discovered that my brain retains more and I am able to recall the things faster in the exam”.

“In a world of Spotify, music sites, and social media, it’s all very complicated. If a Kolaveri can be one of the biggest hits on youtube then the next surprise may just be around the corner..Wait n see :)”